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Book Review: Stepping Stones by Lubhna Dongre

by Enakshi J

Stepping Stones
Author: Lubhna Dongre
Rating: 3/5

‘Setting goals is the first step in turning the invisible into the visible.’
~Tony Robbins

In the cut-throat competition, it is vital for everyone to realize his/her true potential and strive for success right from the very young age. The authoress, Lubna Dongre, draws from her experience and shares her ideas and views on the journey from scratch to success. ‘Stepping Stones’ is an autobiographical account that narrates how the authoress was inspired by many and guided by her skill to ace the test and bear the fruit of her actions.

Being a teenager, the authoress sets an example of how hard work pays off well if the intention is sincere and the effort is palpable. The writing is a confluence of personal experience and motivational speech. Life, as we know it, often offers us walking tickets, but it is our willpower and belief in self that helps us sail through the toughest storm. ‘Stepping Stones’ is also a self-help book that can help and inspire the young minds and serve as a beacon that guides them and aids them in making decisions.

Written in simple language, the book has several grammatical errors that might irk the readers. Right from the typing errors to the incorrect formation of simple sentences, the book has bountiful of mistakes. Had the proofreading been done minutely, this could have been avoided.

Divided into ten chapters, the authoress elicits on different important aspects of working towards your goal. She explains how important it is to have a purpose and be persistent to achieve the (im)possible. We all like to dream, we all love to spread our wings and fly high up in the blue sky, we all aspire to be known by many for the good we do and we all love to make our family proud. But it takes a courageous and tenacious mind to conquer all the fears and rise from the ashes like a phoenix.

The book begins with ‘Potential’ as the first chapter. Though the title is self-explanatory, yet I wished if the ideas were put across more clearly. There are relevant personal life examples that do have a lot of substance and the authoress deserves every ounce of credit for that. The content is well-researched; it will definitely appeal to the young readers.

Unlike the other non-fiction books that base the explanations on theories and philosophy, this one comes with lots of real-life memoirs. But the blend of day-to-day situations with logical explanations leads to interesting reading. ‘Stepping Stones’ offers different yet enriching content and the authoress has taken care to not write about different aspects in broad strokes only; she has taken a deeper plunge and has successfully reached out to the readers.

The subtle cover and a fine blurb assist the content and act as an icing on the cake. Overall, I would like to congratulate the authoress for being brave, being bold and having the potential to write this book. I wish the authoress very best for future.

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