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Book Review: Surviving Stress

by Enakshi J
(Bengaluru, India)

Surviving Stress
Author: Dr Vidhu Bhatnagar
Publisher: Educreation Publishing House
Rating: 3.5/5

Fredrik Backman has correctly said- Everything is complicated if no one explains it to you. “Surviving Stress” is a sincere attempt by Dr Vidhu Bhatnagar to throw light on the delicate and hidden threads that hold the life together. It is these threads that need to be cherished and nourished so that they become stronger with each passing day. Deriving learnings from her own experiences, the author explores the mesh that we build around us and make our life more complicated. The book aims to offer a more simplified and more realistic approach to understand the complexities of life.

This is definitely not the first book that speaks about tips and tricks to combat stress, but unlike other books, this is simpler and practical. The title of the book is catchy and apt. The cover of the book, however, fails to catch attention because it is very simple. The book has around 68 chapters that elaborate on at least one aspect of our life that hampers our ability to live happily.

Coming to the content in the book, the book is a quick read. There are things one would have already read or known about, but there are other things that make sense and give a feeling of satisfaction. The book does not force anyone to incorporate everything in their life, but instead, it offers an insight into the aspects that remain hidden from us in our daily lives. For an instance, most of the short stories emphasize the fact that it is imperative to look for goodness within and then look for goodness in others. Some stories urge us to reflect on our flaws and accept them. For the ones who have a flair for nonfiction books and are open to varied perspectives, this book will definitely be well liked.

The author has used lucid and extremely simple language (a boon for all people, in general, and loss for the ones seeking creative writing). Nevertheless, this book does not leave its readers like a lost ball in high weeds, for it relates to everybody. Although the editing and proofreading are fine, I did not quite like the simplicity of language. But this cannot be counted as the drawback. Somewhere, the uncomplicated words forced me to toy with the idea and not ponder.
But all said and done, the book definitely aces the test. Although there are other books on the same topic and those books cover similar aspects, I don’t think the readers ever get tired of reading self-help books that have the potential to rebuild the lost confidence.

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