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Book Review: The Boy in the Stripped Pajamas

by Pinnamaneni Sriya
(Vijayawada, India)

Author: John Boyne
Reviewed by: Pinnamaneni Sriya

Set in the period of mass killing- Nazi Germany location: Hitler’s largest concentration camp called Aushwitz. What’s scarier is the fact that the entire story is narrated through the eyes of an innocent.

The author, John Boyne was able to express the horrors of world war-2, as understood by a 9-year old. It follows the adventures of Bruno, a German son of an important German officer. Bruno meets Shmuel, a 9-yaer old Jew, in the concentration camp. Suffering in the hands of the Germans, brutal treatment from the Nazi’s being extremely harsh on this Jewish boy. These boys discover that the two of them have a lot in common and so Bruno secretly meets Shmuel every day in order to make friends with the Jewish kid.

As the story goes forward, we see Hitler through a completely different perspective. What happens further, is heartbreakingly cold and frigid, completely unexpected and a new dimension to English literature. The language used is so expressive and conveys semantics which are out of bonds for modern voyages. Reading such a book, takes you back in time to visualize the dangers of that era. The expectations prior to the release of the book were high and the book has in no way disappointed its readers.

The fact that the story is told through the eyes of a toddler leaves a greater impact on the readers. I could personally connect to the characters of the book emotionally. It takes the readers to a different world wherein the emotions take over the self. No barrier such as age and gender can stand your way as has different segments of the book is associated age group. It provokes us to self-reflect and introspect on deep topics such as “Humanity”, “Karma” and so on.

John Boyne has yet again hit the mark and left no stone unturned to melt the frozen hearts of quite a few readers. Excellent books turn into excellent movies. This book is the best example.

Tears shall be shed; minds will be disturbed but mostly the readers will pass through an experience; one like never.

So, what are you waiting for? Visit the nearest library/bookstore and grab your copy of the book “THE BOY IN STRIPPED PAJAMAS”.

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