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Book Review: Unns by Sapan

by Enakshi J

Name of the Book: UNNS
Author: Sapan
Publisher: Inspire India
Rating: 3/5

Love is fire; it can burn you alive. Love is ice; it can freeze you to death. Love is life; love is death. Every religion has a different definition for love and Unns is one of the stages of love. ‘UNNS’ is a captivating title as it leads to curiosity and eagerness to know more about the term. The book presents a love tale that takes you through a span of several years. With the perfect blend of emotions and suspense, this story is worth a read.

Atharva and Meher meet each other at a very young age and their love blossoms with time. They get drawn towards each other only to be separated owing to the circumstances. But the destiny plays its role again and they both re-enter each other’s life. Reminiscing the good old days, they find it difficult to leave behind their past and move on. The question is whether they give in to the urge of being together or do they fight all their emotions to stay away from each other?

With a fast paced and lucid narration, the author has made the story really interesting. Though in the beginning, the conversations between the protagonists are very drawn-out, the latter half of the book is interesting. Nowhere did I feel any disconnection with the characters- when they were students and when they became adults. Their personalities complimented each other perfectly. However, the climax could have been better. The end was very much predictable.

The editing of the book is okay but still, I could spot a few errors. The title of the book is apt and intense; the headings given to the chapters act as a cherry on the cake. With a soft yet meaningful cover, the book doesn’t fail to touch your heart.

Overall, a good effort by the author.
Best Wishes!

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