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Boomerang - contd

by Hiranmayee Devi
(Nagaon, India)

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"Not, till now, but yes, I liked to write diaries and therefore have a written record of all our funs and activities what we used to have at schools. I do have pictorial proofs too, but not only of you, about almost all my classmates. You can test me."
"Interesting, tell me just one if I can relate."
"From class six do you remember the story of Ankit? One day at the end of lunch Ankit got a great idea. Before our teacher came to register us, Ankit lied down in the middle of the room, and we had covered him up with all our bags and coats. And then, when his name was read out on the register, he jumped up from underneath. It worked absolutely perfectly. But teacher scolded him very badly."
"Ha ha. Yes I remember Ankit and his silly ideas. What’s next?
"You asked for one."
"Ok, tell me second one from higher class."

"Do you remember Smita Jain wanted to be a model? She was close to you. You one day designed a dress for her in paper, only to tease her about how bad she would look in it, but in next school function she really wore it challenging you not to challenge her."
"Yes, I do remember that. She is also in touch with me now. Her husband was my senior in college."
"Yes, you remember everybody as all of them are some or other way related to your good memories at school. Why I am an exception then? To me you were an inspiration which I can now define as fullness, a sense of hope, purpose, or guidance. You know how orthodox my family is. Still your name gave me courage to spread my wings in the sky of freedom. I have a kind of gratitude only towards you for helping me to reach this state."
"I cannot tell you exactly. May be because you always reminded me in my childhood how inferior we were socially, financially
compared to you all. Even sometimes I thought both you and Twinkle are so fortunate to enjoy all the goodness that life can offer. Twinkle is still now a numskull, though I am not sure about your present status, Ragini Agarwal."
Ragini laughed softly.
"So what do you say? Should I give second thought?" Pragyan asked mockingly.
"No, no. Not at all." Ragini sighed.
Slowly she uttered -“My love is associated with strong emotional issues like gratification, affirmation, nurturing and passion. The way love is described in stories and novels, and is experienced in life, gives the impression that love is a personal, specific and individual feeling. Love is perceived not only as a feeling between the partners involved, but that it is also a part of the interactions and activities in which the partners participate. Love is interwoven with the actions and reactions between the persons engaged in a love relationship. Though physically you were not with me, but I always felt your strong presence in my conversations with me. You were my strength. I would actually like to thank you. It took sixteen long years to reach this state. I have come out from a closed space to an open field only with a goal. You of course choose your love and of course to be pure, it too would demand a definite time span. I have achieved my goal along with a feeling of fullness with my positive emotions with you all, but you probably achieved what you wanted to have, but always accompanied by a feeling of hatred atleast to someone which you have still preserved beautifully.”

Saying all these in one breath Ragini stopped.

Suddenly her phone was switched off giving signal for low battery. Ragini did not wish to charge it again. It was all on a sudden her life took a new path and today also suddenly she chooses not to continue the same path. Very honestly she felt that love is not only one-way. Love can also be seen as a motivating force.

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Aug 20, 2020
by: Puja

Loved it.

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