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Boons of Technology

by Sandhyaa V
(Mysuru, India)

How has technology made the world a better place to live in?

In fact, human beings have become so dependent on technology that life can seem shattered and completely crippled without it. The whole world would plunge into a darkness even if it were absent just for a day.

The beauty of the sixth sense gifted to the Homo sapiens can well be acknowledged by the constant thought process that has evolved this species from an uncivilized savage-like beast to the most dignified and sophisticated form as we see today. It was not easy and yet years and years of curiosity, dissatisfaction and research has led one thing to the other. The present generation is so much immersed into the technical world that one would not know the purpose of life without ‘technology’.

Let’s first say, media and communication. It become so easy to convey information from one corner to the other corner of the earth? If some super-brains in the past had not thought of the first telephone, the first television or the first computer; we would not have accessed today’s modern mobile phones, smart TVs or laptops. And with these inventions it is practically possible to know what exactly is happening in some other part of the world at the same moment when you are sitting at home. It has become very easy to not only contact but also to know the latest ‘status message’ of your near and dear ones who may be busy elsewhere. Entertainment today has gained a whole new definition with the advent of satellite technology to broadcast one country’s program live into another country! And the android technology on smart phones is crazily stuffing all you need into the small device with the so called internet ‘apps’ so that you don’t have to go hunting be it to play games or search for recipes or read a story or find directions to a new place or to even book tickets for your long-awaited movie!!

Next, comes travel. From carts to rafts to bicycles; today we have motored bikes, cars, buses, super fast trains, cruises and airbuses! Without these vehicles, how can we go to schools or our offices or to shopping malls? How is it possible to send gift packages/parcels to someone living at a different place? Travel has gone so far as to carrying people deep under waters to find the earth’s ocean beds and all the more fascinatingly across space in spaceships to explore the universe.

Last but not the least, technology at home! We have washing machines, dish washers, cooking gas lines, electricity, water filters, latest bathroom equipments, etc. Life at home is nothing short of a luxury stay at a hotel. Houses are being constructed with newer and improved materials. Money transactions have become so simple with new modes of banking, industries are churning out so many new products ultimately spoiling us with choice, and the list goes on and on endlessly.

Thus, we have come to a point where we eat, work and sleep with technology. Of course there have been mishaps but research is being conducted non-stop to correct the mistakes of today for a better tomorrow. And therefore, why would anyone say no to technology when it makes life so comfortable?!

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