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Brave Boy and the Kidnapper

by Vaman Acharya
(Bengaluru, Karntaka, India)

Three kilometers away from the Sarangpur town there was a mini forest called ‘Tapovan’ spread in the area of approximately ten acres. This forest was called as a notified and protected area. The forest was fully covered with the tall trees with ever green broad leaves. People of the town were afraid of going over there even during the day time. They were under the blind belief that besides wild animals, there was a presence of ghosts in the forest. As such, there was absolutely no movement of the people in that area.

One day afternoon about 1 p.m., two persons were present in the dreaded place and engaged in an heated argument.

“Why did you bring me here?” asked Nakul, a young boy of 12 years, to the other person.

“I am a kidnapper. I want a favour from you.”

“What do you want?”

“Recently, your dad was lucky to win a bumper lottery. You have to tell your dad over mobile phone that you are a victim of kidnap. To release you, a ransom of Rupees one lakh to be handed over to a person, who approaches him right now. He is a tall, middle aged man, with big mustache and long gray hair. Also tell your dad not to become too smart to report police. If you don’t oblige me, today would be the last day in your life.”

“Who said my dad won a bumper lottery?”
“I have read it in the news paper.”
“It is false news,” argued Nakul.

Both entered into never ending heated argument. The stranger took out a country knife from his bag. Realizing the situation, Nakul had left with no option except to find out the way for his self protection. He had undergone two years karate training in the school. He used different tricks of karate to protect himself from the dangerous situation. In the scuffle, Nakul was successful in pulling out the knife from him and tied him with the rope brought by the kidnapper. The tussle was over after two hours.

The kidnapper had never expected such kind of a situation. He begged Nakul to forgive him as he was not a kidnapper and revealed his profile. Nakul took him to the police station with the help of an autorikshaw on the road and lodged a complaint against the kidnapper.

While interrogation at the police station, it was revealed that he was not a professional kidnapper. He was an unemployed, disgruntled, college dropout youth. He did not complete the Pre-University Course even after several attempts. He wanted to take up easy means of earning money. The weapon he was in possession was not a real knife. It was further revealed that kidnapping of Nakul was just to gain an experience and not to harm him. He had picked up Nakul casually outside his school. Winning bumper lottery was just a false
story fabricated by the kidnapper. He disclosed his name as Manu.

Police Sub Inspector Abdul Nazir Sab after due enquiry prepared a First Information Report duly signed by Nakul with two witnesses. Manu was kept in the police custody for further investigation. Abdul Nazir Saab himself escorted Nakul up to his house.

There was a small crowd in front of Nakul’s house. Press reporters were waiting there to interview Nakul. He was a victim of kidnap and undergone tortures under the kidnapper Manu.

Nakul replied several questions asked by the reporters, boldly.

“Nakul, can you tell us how the kidnapper abducted you?”

“Sir, as usual, I went to school in the morning by walk. I was returning home at 12 noon. An unknown person behind me came and took me away to the auto within a span of one minute. I became unconscious due to the smell of some chemical used on me. When I regained consciousness, I realized that I was in an unknown place with the presence of a stranger, who happens to be a kidnapper. You may collect the subsequent detailed report with Sub Inspector of Police in the form of FIR.”

The press reporters were happy and parted him with full satisfaction.

Nakul’s mom Yashoda and dad Maniram, both were working as teachers in the same private higher secondary school, where their son was a student of 6th standard. They belonged to lower middle class. The kidnappers always target wealthy person’s children for a ransom. Nakul was undergoing karate training in the school since two years under the guidance of expert Karate teacher Yogeshwar, which became useful to him in such a situation.

The entire episode right from abduction, turmoil of the victim, scuffle between the two and lastly exhibiting the heroic act of victim was ended within a span of three hours. It commenced at 12 noon and ended at 3 p.m.

In the felicitation meeting held at the school, the members present spoke on the rare achievement of Nakul.

"What a brave boy Nakul is, who managed to catch hold of the kidnapper after more than two hours of scuffle in a dreadful place like ‘Tapovana’! He deserves all kinds of appreciation,” praised the Head Master.

The Karate teacher Yogeshwar was also happy. “Nakul came out of his harrowing experience. I am happy that he was saved because he knew the tricks of karate. He certainly is a boy of extreme strong character at this young age of 12,” appreciated his Karate teacher.

His mom Yashodha praised her son’s act of bravery.

His dad Maniram said, “I am really proud of being a father of such a wonderful son.”

The school management was happy to hear the brave act of Nakul. In a special meeting, the management of the school decided to recommend the name of Nakul to Government of India for honouring him with Bravery Award.

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Feb 26, 2011
Learn Things with Genuine Interest
by: Harisarvottam

You have nicely narrated a possible real story. There is need that our children learn things with genuine interest. Learning is always very useful and only the circumstances show its utility. ---Harisarvotham

Feb 16, 2011
by: Anonymous

The story goes sointeresting.
Younger generation get more from the story.
enjoyed reading

Feb 16, 2011
Fine episode
by: s v purohit

The story is narated nicel all along. encourage the young to learn karate

Feb 16, 2011
Nice kids story
by: Ganesh Rai

It was a very nice story for kids and I read the story infront of my two lovely kids and they liked it very much.

Thanks for this nice story.

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