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Breaking Out of the Comfort Zone

by Sonia Dcosta
(Kundapura, Karnataka, India)

You do not love your job anymore, although you have been working at it for several years and have no intention of quitting. You wake up feeling miserable and unmotivated. You feel that you should be doing something else but feel like a trapped rat instead.

The mere thought of submitting the resignation letter and upsetting your routine gives you an anxiety attack. If this is you, my friend, you are in a comfort zone.

Your comfort zone may make you feel safe and comfortable, but it isn’t your friend because it does not allow you to grow personally and professionally. Growth is possible only when you venture out of your comfort zone, take risks, fall, fail, and get hurt, which is why most of us prefer to stay safe and snug in our comfort zones.

Breaking out of your comfort zone requires confidence and courage, which most people in comfort zones lack. Are you in a rut and longing for growth? Here are three things you can do right now to introduce positive changes in your life. 

1. Learn New Skills
Working at a job for the past ten, fifteen, twenty, or more years does not necessarily mean that you have grown professionally. Do you feel stunted and stagnated? List your strengths and weaknesses now. Feel proud of your strengths and start working on converting your weaknesses into strengths. Perhaps, it is time to upgrade, learn new skills, go back to college, or take a new course.

2. Address Your Fears
You need extraordinary courage to break out of your comfort zone and experience growth. Identify the factors preventing you from quitting an uninspiring job and doing something you love. List your fears. Are you afraid of unpaid bills? Are you terrified of rejection? Does the idea of interacting with strangers repel you?

Now choose one of your fears and deal with it. If you have always wanted to write your dream novel but put it off out of fear of rejection, now is the time to start working on it.

3. Do Things You Don’t Usually Do
Try doing the same things differently. Instead of taking the daily walk, why not sign up for yoga or swimming classes? Why not keep the old playlists aside and explore a different genre of music? Why not use public transport instead of driving to work?
Or do something you have never done before. For example, if you have never travelled alone, you can enjoy the thrills of taking off on your own.

4. Enjoy the Rewards
Emerging from your comfort zone is a rewarding experience. Whenever you handle unfamiliar or uncomfortable situations, you experience a boost in your self-confidence and gain mental strength. Your ability to overcome obstacles improves, and you become optimistic and cheerful.

When you are out of your comfort zone, you exercise your creative muscles, achieve your potential, and reach unimaginable heights. You grow financially, professionally, and personally. Don't be surprised if you notice an improvement in your relationships too. 


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