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Broken Wings and Two Other Poems

by Caroline Kavitha David
(Bangalore, India)

By Caroline Kavitha David

Sometimes you suffocate so hard,
The abundant presence of air offers no part .
Just the existance of pain, So heavily laden upon the heart .
The pressure telling hope its time now to depart.

To what do we turn for strength then,
The dysfunctional family back behind pillars hidden?
Or to friends at the risk of being chidden?
Better yet some say, to divine intervention!

Thoughts of an offered counsel have often seemed luring,
But am I ready to accept that I am to myself obscuring.
To yet another's hands should my soul be opened, am I willing ?
For him too to then tear it right down to nothing.

Have not I been down that path before,
Has not trusted enough this silly soul.
Have not the scars been an ugly reminder enough .
That there is none, there is nothing to heal the broken wings


By Caroline Kavitha David

The memory made her smile,
Of him and her talking for miles
The longing that tugged their hearts
Until they beheld each other's glance.

The many memories they had made..
The beaches , the sundowns the many tales.
She thought of each still smiling her way,
Along to the altar where she was to be given away.

It made her smile ..
The memory of the day at the rails.
What he had taught her..
What was her's alone forever.

The memories were her’s to keep
The battles fought her’s to weep..
For he loved her lover so
But now she was to let go.

Her eyes didn’t lift ,
As she reached the groom in white.
For she was to his bride..
Though another’s was she for life.

She bid his smile farewell.
The door locked , the key thrown down the well.
Farewell my love ,maybe in another time..
Your arms would be mine to dwell.


By Caroline Kavitha David

I wouldn’t know how to describe this feeling,
Of utter hopelessness and girlish shyness.
Because a girl no more am I ,
Much older much wiser I hope to believe.
So what is this abundant joy that fills my heart?
Or what is this flutter that still rumbles my tummy.
For together we have been a long long time.
Just a few days apart and today to meet again.
But how I long to see that warm smile and enchanting eyes.
And how thumps my heart at the thought of his loving embrace..
Just a few hours to go and then I see my love again.


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Jul 19, 2019
by: Jyotsna Hota

Good work.
Appreciate both your poems: Broken wings and Farewell.
nice pick of words.

Jul 18, 2019
You have you
by: Your Name:Raghav

Beautifully expressed. Everyone needs company, but they forget the friend in themselves. Love yourself for life is too short to waste it on others. Might sound selfish, but hey! you know you've tried. As always, God works in mysterious ways, so there will be something waiting for you, in this life or the next. All we are expected to do is to keep faith in him and in ourselves. You've grown stronger, really proud of you.

Jul 18, 2019
Touched my heart
by: Herwin Dsouza

Broken wings just touched my heart!!
You have always been great with words.
Continue writing 😘

Jul 18, 2019
by: Daisy

These are so beautiful girl! You rock!

Jul 18, 2019
by: Your Name:lakshmy

Good one Kavitha!!! Loved all the poems, especially Farewell!! Keep doing your best and share more!!!

Jul 18, 2019
Broken Wings - Needs a Heal
by: Your Name:Pradeep

Broken Wings - Can feel the pain by just reading it..!! Amazingly written..

Jul 18, 2019
Absolutely gorgeous
by: Diana

This was amazing. Too beautiful it had my eyes wet. The feelings expressed were so true and raw. The girl with the pink balloon, Farewell and Tomorrow are my absolute favorite.

Hoping to see more from you. Was a pleasure to read your poetry. Good job and all the best!!

Jul 17, 2019
Broken Wings and Two Other Poems
by: Balaji Velin

Hey Kavitha.. beautifully written poems.. keep writing more.. warm wishes and good luck ! :-)

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