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But just say I love you-2

by Jaysree Vijay
(Chennai, India)

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Chapter 2

Hashna was curling her hair strands that fell on her face with her left hand fingers. She mumbled a Hindi song as she applied her mascara. She loved to keep herself gorgeous and beautiful. She looked at the mirror again. She looked perfect.

“Some idiots like Harini never know to beautify them and hence her husband hates her”, Hashna thought.

Hashna was born in Delhi. She was charismatic. People would like her for her beauty. She carried herself so well. She loved herself very much.

She had a strong hatred for Harini. Hashna lived in the same apartment as Harini. Though Harini had never shared her feelings to her, Hashna clearly made out that Harini was being loathed by her husband. She disliked her too.
“Stupid, dumb female”, she thought.

It was not a single day Hashna missed to notice Vijay. She loved his manliness. His hard and stiff muscles, sharp facial features, everything in him made her go crazy.

She once overheard Vijay talking to his friend about how bad her wife dresses and how less she cares for herself. “Someone who cannot care for themselves can never care for others”, Vijay blurted out.

Hashna decided to groom herself, right that day. She thought she is the form of a woman, whom Vijay loves. She took special care to mold herself mentally and physically into a form which would be loved by Vijay. She wanted him to love everything in her compared to how he hates everything in Harini.

If everything Vijay loves took one form, I should be her, Hashna thought. She slowly started changing her completely.

“Too bad , he ignores me”, she thought. Vijay never paid attention to her, even on those days, when she was in her best attire and the most beautiful make up.

“You look like a Greek god. Men with such godliness are often matched to stupid woman,” Hashna tried to woo Vijay. He just stared and walked away. Every day she dressed and waited for him, to leave his stupid wife back and come to her.

It was a bright day for her today. She had great plans ahead. As she completed her breakfast, she went out for shopping.
Harini never knew Hashna had so much love for her Husband.

Harini had stopped concentrating much on her surroundings. She locked herself into her small world; her small world with her love; her small world which was now full of confusions and miseries. Hashna took full advantage of this.

When Harini woke up, it was already half past two. She never knew how time flew. She had slept for so long. She pulled her hair into a French bun. Her stomach growled. She rushed to the dining table to grab the plate for eating. It was already soiled and left for washing.

She was stunned. She remembered covering it and leaving it on the dining table. Did I really get up and eat it, she thought. In panic she rushed to the main door. To add to her chaos, it was not latched.

No burglar would steal her breakfast, she thought. Has someone been breaking into the house? Harini’s mind raced. Was he the reason behind the gold ornament stealth? She thought.

But how could someone break into a house in bright daylight. She thought of speaking to Vijay first and then the Apartment security. She looked herself in the mirror. She had carelessly rested her face somewhere while she was asleep. There were few black markings.

Harini was busy rubbing them off her face.

It was 7.30 PM. Vijay usually, never had dinner at home. Harini was very tired that day. She toasted few slices of bread and was stuffing it into her mouth. The doorbell rang. She hesitantly opened the door. To her surprise, Vijay was standing there.

Her lips curled up spontaneously at his mere sight.

He did not wait to see her smile. He walked into the house.

She wanted to tell him about the burglary confusion. He walked straight to the kitchen and made coffee for him.
“Had lunch ?”, Harini started.
“Yes”, he replied looking at his mobile.
“I want to talk to you.”
“Guess you are already talking to me”, Vijay was still looking into his mobile.
“Not like this. It is something serious”
Vijay let out a sigh and placed his mobile down.

He looked at her, crossed his hands across his chest. He gestured as though he was ready to listen.

“For the past few days, I feel like someone is breaking into our house. I feel I am being followed. I feel someone is moving around while I am still here.”
“Stop imagining. It will be alright”
“No. I am kind of sure and kind of confused too. Today I remember placing the breakfast plate on the dining table. When I saw it after few hours, It was soiled and was kept for washing.”
“Someone is following you, to break into the house for your breakfast?"
“Vijay, Please. I am very serious. The ornament stealth also happened the same way.”
“See, you are imagining. You are assuming. That’s the problem.”
“Vijay, why don’t you understand?” Harini had tears. “I am discussing about something that is happening. Please don’t accuse me. It is hurting me."
“Accuse me, Hurt me, and understand me. It is always me me me and only me, right?” Vijay raised his voice.
Tears rolled down her cheeks.
Vijay continued, “As if everything around is so pleasing for me. Don’t pull words from my mouth. Stop imagining, finish your dinner, If you have not and go to bed,” he ordered and strode towards the stairs.

Hashna was able to hear every single word of the conversation. She was happy that Harini was being abused. “Lame dog”, she thought.
“If it had been me, I would not cry like a weak animal. This female cannot fight tears, poor little thing. Keep crying, keep weeping. Don’t stand for yourself firm on your point, he is never going to love you. My Vijay is going to be mine, very soon,” She thought.

Harini stood there helpless. She wept uncontrollably. He was mean to her. She was angry at him. She was angry at herself for making him behave this way. She sat on the couch, covered her face and cried. She never knew when she fell asleep.

Vijay woke up as he heard some noise; noise of a chair being pulled. He was irritated, as he woke up from deep sleep. He was not sure from where it came. He thought it might not happen again and covered his head. He now heard the sound of door knob click. He was now startled.

He immediately rushed down. It was all quiet and normal. Harini was sleeping on the couch.

He felt relieved and as he was about to go back to his room, he saw a shadow running out from his house and to his bewilderment, the main door in his house was unlocked. The door wobbled as though someone had just pulled it hard. He went close to the door and peeped outside. The apartment veranda lights were on. The path looked normal. It did not show any sudden movements as his house door did.

Vijay let out a sigh. As he was about to return to his home, he saw a dark figure standing inside the locked house that was owned by Kamini. Vijay froze in shock. He never believed in ghosts or spirits. He was not sure what it was. His body was completely covered with sweat beads. He looked back. Harini was still sleeping calmly.

To be continued.....

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