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But Just Say I Love You-4

by Jaysree Vijay
(Chennai, India)

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Chapter 4

It was in the evening, Vijay was returning tired and hungry.

He could hear a lot of noise in his floor. As he approached his flat, he could hear Harini’s voice.
“Aunty, I am telling you the truth. I do not know them by person at all.” Harini spoke in broken voice.
“Oh, so you can ruin a good deal, is it?”, Kamini snubbed back.
“Aunty please. Believe me. I did not speak anything about it at all. Even when you asked for keys, I just handed them over to you and came in. I did not even look at them. This is the first time I am seeing them. Why would I do something bad to you, Aunty? Please believe me,” Harini pleaded this time.

As Vijay approached, he could see that his wife and Kamini Aunty were arguing. The doctor was over phone, while his mom was beside Kamini Aunty.
“Listen, if you are going to continue this, I am going to talk to the apartment secretary and get you vacated.”, Kamini threatened.
“Madam, you can settle it later with this girl. Now please bring the documents back”, Sharadha demanded.

Vijay interrupted.
“Harini, what the hell is going on here?”
“Vijay, Kamini Aunty is telling that I met Sharadha aunty and told her that the opposite house is haunted." Harini almost broke into tears. She felt helpless.

As Harini spoke, the doctor was fast approaching.
“Why can’t you mind your own business?”, Vijay almost snarled.

Harini was taken aback. She was in tears.
“Stop crying”, Vijay ordered.
“Listen. It is because of your wife, she is now backing out”, Kamini spoke in rage.
“I am sorry about it , but.”, Vijay tried to say something when he was interrupted by Doctor.
“Hey, You look familiar. You did your UG in GEC, Chennai, right?”, the doctor slowed down as he recognized Vijay completely. His face suddenly saddened.

Vijay was startled. He did not expect this question. He tried to forget his college life. He was not sure why the doctor was reminding him about it.
“Yes, but I could not recognize you, I am Sorry”, Vijay replied.
“I am Shyam. I was doing medicine in your institution only. We used to travel in the same bus”, Shyam cleared.
Vijay’s college had both engineering and medical college inside the same campus.
“Nice to meet you”, Vijay extended his hand.
Kamini and Sharadha who were puzzled by the sudden introduction , were hasty enough to settle the confusion which was going on.
Shyam noticed Harini.

He was shocked to see her. He could not believe his eyes. He froze for a moment. Her eyes were so innocent. He was sure she was telling the truth.
“Mom, please stop. I am pretty sure there are no such thing as ghost or spirits. If you feel like we can have an additional pooja once we move in. This place is much closer to my clinic. So it is final. We are moving in here”, he put forth a strong point.
“Son, but this is a big investment, we have to be careful”, Sharadha warned.
“Sure Mom. We will be fine. Don’t worry. I feel whatever you have been told is a lie. There is nothing wrong with this house.”

Sharadha stared at Harini. Harini was still throwing a bewildered look. Kamini Aunty was happy that the deal was not broken.

As all of them dispersed, Vijay and Harini entered their home.
“What did I do to you, Vijay?”, Harini asked. He gave a puzzled look.
“What sin did I commit? Am I not even worthy for your support in front of strangers? Why you were so harsh on me in front of everybody”, Harini asked miserably.

Hashna who had been a silent listener throughout the scene, spoke to herself for the first time.
“That’s because he hates you. That’s because I cleverly planned to get you into all this. Stay tuned for more”, she rolled her eyes.

Vijay did not answer. His thoughts were stuck to his college. The doctor had reminded him. He placed his laptop bag on the sofa and went to his room.

Few miles away, Shyam made sure his mom slept. He turned on the television, lazily switching between the channels.

He could not forget Vidyuth. He could still remember how bad things turned. Did Vijay knew about it already?, he was not sure. Shyam was reluctant to talk about it to Vijay. He touched his wallet. The memory card was safe in there.
Vidyuth, Vijay, Suresh, Aravind, Bharath. Shyam’s brain, mentally played all their faces in sequence. He shut his eyes tight and calmed his mind down.

To be continued
Chapter 5

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