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Caged Hope

by Hassan Hayati

Two love birds, sitting sad in the cage
Viewing the life on every single page
They are all the same for the one in jail
But they try to see the worlds and freedom, even pale
Stared at the mate, and as if telling him with hope
Close your eyes open your wings, with me you cope
Sneered the other and clapped his wings, jumped a bit high
I wish we were crows, cacophonous but free in the sky
Able to pick some seeds on harvesting land
On a branch we sit, on the very tip of a cliff we stand
Looking at all leaves dancing for the wind force
And drinking from the streams without a blink of course
Making a nest in the spring with the sticks
So early we catch the worms for our feather less chicks
And flying in groups while it is the time to migrate
Taking care of the younger ones, not remain or be late
She looked and sighed and did repine
Went on murmuring her voice full of pain
But these are all fancy and dreams my dear and nice
For our color and voice we have paid a big price
Said the other with happiness and love with his voice long
Freedom is nothing to me, if you are not along
Never I leave you my beloved kind
Even if the cage is broken into pieces, I stay, you never mind
For the other it was enough to hear a word so warm
Rubbed her shoulder to his, so proud of his glory and charm
Life is so short, let’s make it a bit wide
Promise to diffuse love from your side


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Sep 28, 2016
Caged hope
by: Name

Thanks a lot to author! This history about birds is very touching and wise. Love has plenty of faces...

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