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Calm When One Cycles For The Other

by Shivangi Mishra
(Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh, India)

Time warp?
Hail, hail.
Brittle, were they?

Every vestige was to be hidden,
Hidden beneath damp and cold warmth,
Warmth, right there amidst once-lived-up yards, in years, biting cold.

Baritone siren even named the unknown,
They, on the other side,
Uttered limericks but no names.
Names plundered identities,
Rising voices of bravado revealed lives.

Lives, confounded lies?
Which lively tale didn't lie?
Began with thrifty additions,
Closed with lofty reductions.

Netted veils were designed to reveal,
Reveal identical games of fate.
Fate, didn't spell 'ladder' correctly.
Fate, an old sly pal,
Did not misspell, it missed,
Fate missed the misgivings of its borrowed fate.

Fate Borrowed fate?
Who Impossibly Lent?
One Above All?
Above all and still His Equality?
Wide Twinkles and Submerged Faith,
Poor, the affluent.
Couldn't learn.

Above All, yet His equality descended,
When suns forsake stars,
And moons betray darkness,
One cycles for the other.


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Jan 22, 2022
Deep, Lucid and Exquisite
by: Mamta

The poem resonates with the humanistic voice which unifies the whole universe.

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