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Case Study on Domestic Violence

by Nageshwar Chandavath
(Hyderabad, Telangana, India)

Domestic Violence is defined as the physical harassment of male partner committing violence against his female partner. The stereotypes that females are weaker than their opposite gender based on sex has made them weaker. Inequality based on gender and sex between the males and females leads the situations Where females are from centuries facing the violence. Maintaining family respect and status in society is the duty of woman and living a life of separated person for a woman is difficult. These are the reasons why women cannot complain against their husbands. Parents of girls marry them tp anyone who have property or job but not character or behavior. And every parent wants to marry off their girls by whatever means. Less dowry, extra marital affairs, patriarchal mindset carried from generations are the reasons for domestic violence.

Case study –

Here I want to bring a case where domestic violence faced by a woman and her daughter.

Susheela, a 17-year-old girl lived in Kotha colony at Mahabubabad. She got married to Gopal who was the second child among three children of Ramesh and Lakshmi. Susheela’s marriage did not last more than 5 years. Chandra and Susheela were separated but they were blessed with two baby girls named Prathyusha and Ravali. Even though Susheela faced many hardships from the beginning of her marriage life, she adjusted and tried to compromise in spite bearing the mental torture by Chandra.

He absconded from the village. All the burden of paying debts fell on Susheela. All the furniture in home under the interest of the debts was lost. With her tears rolling down, she stated- “I felt to take away my life where I had no clue how to lead the life and the only reason, I restrain myself looking at you both”. No one financially supported them when they were starving. The two girls went to elementary school everyday together. Later, only Prathyusha continued her higher education. Ravali stopped her education. Later Prathyusha realized that her sister sacrificed the education for the younger sister by knowing their financial situation. Some years passed, at the age of 19 years old Ravali got married to Suresh who kept been giving false promises that he might get the job soon after the marriage. But after few years, Ravali realized that he will not get job anymore. He took 3 lakhs dowry and gold ornaments during the marriage. Suresh was addicted to alcohol and drugs, kept on torturing his wife day and night. Ravali was facing all suffering alone within herself. As a result, abuse and domestic violence only grew over time. He constantly blamed her for her violent behavior and tells her that she deserves it. At times he slapped, kicked and hit the small kids for not giving the gold ornaments to sell to get some money. Suresh and his family members are merely inhumane in nature. During Ravali’s pregnancy, one day she was carrying bucket of water to continue her domestic chores, unfortunately she fell down which affected her pregnancy. She was crying out of pain, but no one helped her. Susheela went there when Ravali called her and they went to hospital. After consulting with Doctor Ravali was informed that she had a miscarriage. In Patriarchal societies, women are not even treated as human beings, then how can they have rights which a woman should have. People give physical or mental torture to their daughter-in-laws, some are killed in different ways and escape from police and courts. Women are always taught how to behave in the family after marriage but the sons are not. They too must be taught how a woman is to be treated. And this is again a not a woman’s job particularly. Both the parents equally should teach their sons.

Women without economic empowerment cannot fight against the violence. Sexual inequality is not a natural one, we, as a society have created it. So, we have to destroy it. It’s responsibility of every man in particular and society in general. Because laws and prisons cannot be the solution. And woman should not fear and always should face the situations by themselves without help of someone.

India is a country where women are politicians, entrepreneurs, sports persons managing the highest departments and serving the country. These women having international recognition should be the inspiration for other women.


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