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by Liba Siddique
(Calicut, India)

You may rush to your room,
Finds everything messy.
Books thrown out of the shelf,
Coffee cup on left halfway last night.
And the long untied hair tickling your back,
Your hands paid no attention to-
Pull it and tie it.
Maybe your principle of-
"Loose everything down,let it be free"works.
Your nights are demons playground.

I know you are struggling under the blanket,
Hoping the sun will rise soon.
I know you are breathing so hardly,
Sitting on a throne and watching the conflict-
Between your brain and heart.
Like the king in the "Enchanted shirt",
Seeking happiness but doesn't find it so long.

Your life has turned upside down,
Every path you takes seems like a triquetra.
You are emotionally drained,
And drowning for eternal peace.
Every conversation seems so hard on you.
And you feels like you are not good at anything,
It's time to realize that you don't have to be.


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