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Cherished by Lakshmi Menon -
Review by Eva Bell

by Eva Bell
(Bangalore, India)

CHERISHED by Lakshmi Menon,

Published by Cyberwit, India.
Price Rs. 250/-

This is Lakshmi Menon’s second novel.

Jyothi the protagonist has been brought up by her mother Grishma, a stubborn, short tempered woman who has destroyed her marriage through suspicion and lack of communication with her husband. She has tried to inculcate in Jyothi a hatred for her father, blaming him for the break up. But her attempt backfires, and the girl develops a dislike for her mother.

But at the age of 19, Jyothi is consumed by the desire to meet her father. Without her mother’s knowledge, she succeeds in her attempt and finds out the truth.

Lakshmi’s novels usually portray incidents from real life. Readers are able to relate to the characters. The stories always end on a positive note.

Though fairly traditional in her outlook, Lakshmi is not judgmental about modern lifestyles such as ‘Living-in.’ Her style is uncomplicated and her language simple, though better editing could have enhanced the quality of the novel. Lakshmi does not see herself as a social crusader but merely offers food for thought about prevalent issues like broken marriages and the tragic effects of children from such homes.


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