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Child Prodigy

by Vaman
(Bengaluru, Karntaka, India)

Do you believe that a 3rd standard student as a special case was permitted for a day to sit in the 10th standard? It was a fact in case of the little girl Rupali, a brilliant student. She had a desire to sit in the 10th standard and actively participate in the lesson.

One day, she went to the head master and revealed her desire. He was surprised to see the student and her desire. He asked, “Rupali before I permit you to sit in the higher class for a day, can you tell me what made you to put before me such a strange request?"

“Sir, I would like to gain more knowledge.”

“Is it?”

The Head Master called the class teachers of 3rd standard and 10th standard to his chamber and informed them that he has permitted Rupali to sit for a day in the 10th standard class. Following day Rupali was asked to come at commencement of the school and occupy in the front seat of the class. Accordingly on the date of permission, Rupali sat on the front seat. When the students entered the class and observed the little girl, the boy who normally sits on that chair, asked Rupali to vacate. She replied smilingly about the permission. The class teacher arrived and told the students that the little girl will be our special guest and will participate in the lesson. He wanted to start the day’s lesson and went near the black board.

Rupali stood up and said, “Sir, with your permission, I request you to take up on the topic expansion of a proverb. I want to know more about ‘A little knowledge is a dangerous thing.’ Her request was obliged. The Class teacher asked the students to get up and explain. He wrote the subject boldly on the black board.

One student got up and said, “A person who is not well versed, but pretends to be well knowledgeable on the subject.”

“A person is not well informed but pretends to be well informed,” said another student.

“Some people pretend themselves as intellectuals while in reality it is different,” said yet another student.

The teacher asked the little girl Rupali, who was permitted to sit in the class as an experiment. She stood up and narrated a story.

"There was a rich man in the small town. He became prominent not only in his town but nearby places also. He had a son, who was quite obedient and faithful. His wife was also simple and sober. The parent’s wanted their son to become a doctor. The son was just 10 year old at that time. He was studying in the high school. He was neither brilliant nor average. The father appointed tutors for all the subjects to coach him at home. Such kind of arrangement went on till the boy was completed the matriculation.

His son was admitted into a reputed college and completed pre-university course not with highest marks, but with manageable marks. The rich man was worried to see the performance of his son. He managed to get his son's admission into the Medical College, through high-level influence. His son completed the degree in Medicine with great difficulty.

His father advised him to open a clinic and start private practice. The doctor was unable to diagnose properly and failed to give correct course of treatment. People, who approached him, became disgusted and even warned him to close down the clinic.

The proverb rightly applies to this rich man’s son. "

All the students including class teacher appreciated Rupali for her knowledge.

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Jan 02, 2011
by: Tanuja Chatterjee

This is the reality of today's India and Vaman has put it in fine simple words which express the serious depth of this alarming situation. It's inspirational indeed for it highlights the cause and also opens the path for it's solution.

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