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Choose Enjoyment or Health

by Vaman
(Bengaluru, Karntaka, India)

It is true that the children are equally intelligent than the adults. This was a fact in case of little girl Bhargavi, who had just completed seven years. On her birth day she wanted to engage herself and little guests in a different activity rather than spending time in entertainment. Some times, parents are also unaware of the knowledge of their children. Whatever new ideas entered in the minds of children, they seldom keep quite.

Once, while going through a lesson in the text book, Bharagavi found a proverb, “You cannot have your cake and eat it too.” She thought for some time to find out the meaning given below the proverb. Whatever ideas struck to her mind, she noted down on a piece of paper. She thought it would be wise if the same is raised by surprise on her birth day.

In the evening on the birth day function 10 girls of her age were invited. The girls conveyed good wishes to Bhargavi. The birth day cake was served. Bhargavi asked her parents and friends, “Can you throw some light on the proverb ‘you cannot have your cake and eat it too’?” Her parents were surprised to hear such a question.

Mom took some time to reply. Dad also faced with similar problem to explain. All the friends of Bhargavi made attempt to answer. Thereafter, Bhargavi told, “You cannot enjoy benefits from two alternatives. You have to choose. For example, money- either you can spend or save it. If one enjoys the benefit on one action, he or she should incur loss on another. He or she should face depending on the situation.”

Dad was very much impressed to hear the explanation from his daughter. He further added, “In a situation due to some inherent risks, it will not be possible to separate the benefits from risks and settle only beneficial aspects. Think properly and decide.” Bhargavi agreed the view expressed by dad.

Then she asked mom to enlighten on the subject by giving a brief story.

Mom agreed to answer by way of a story. “Bharati a three year old daughter of a wealthy parents, naturally had love and affection on her. The kid had developed a habit of demanding toffees of her choice and consuming it frequently. Doctor had warned the parents not to give too much of toffees keeping in view of her health. Consuming too many toffees will result in decay of tooth.

In spite of the doctor’s warning parents, out of love towards the daughter, ignored the advice. The kid derived enjoyment from consuming the toffees. This was noticed by mom and dad. Neither mom nor dad was unable to understand this kind of habit will end in the decay of her teeth.

Ultimately after six months they realized but it was too late. Bharati was experiencing severe pain in the denture. She had undergone treatment with the dentist and recovered. Bharati enjoyed consuming toffees and regret later. Therefore, you cannot have your cake and eat it too. You have to choose either health or the joy of consuming the toffees resulting in ill heath. Certainly both cannot be possible.”

Bhargavi appreciated her mother for narrating the brief story depicting the meaning of the proverb. It was an opportunity for the girls to gain knowledge from the proverb.

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Jan 30, 2011
good moral lesson
by: isabel

...a good way of instilling wisdom in our children, even adults as well.

Jan 14, 2011
Choose Enjoyment or Health
by: Geetashree Chatterjee

Good story for children.

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