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Coming back Home by Anuradha Prasad

by Rakhi Jayashankar

The story revolves around the bollywood background. The protagonists Arpita and Raghu nourishes the dream of becoming a Bollywood superstar. While the lecherous Raghu uses women to attain his aim, Arpita sticks to principles.

Arpita's life changes forever when she becomes the main lead overnight in daily sop in which she is the second lead. Raghu too keeps aside his dream of becoming hero in movie, temporarily and joins the sop in which Arpita is the main lead. Romance spurts between the two of them. The opportunist he is, Raghu ditches Arpita for a Bollywood superstar Reena Kapoor with whom he was shooting his first movie. Betrayed by the love of her life, Arpita succumbs to the emotional trauma and loses her career. The rest need to be seen from the book.

The book cannot be categorised as contemporary fiction or chick lit. It comes mid way through both. The storyline cannot claim much novelty. The plot was developing in a quite predictable fashion. Nevertheless, in the current scenario where we hear the news of the suicide of young actresses, almost every year, the book has much relevance. We have seen several Raghus, Arpitas and Reenas in the real life. What pinched me is the usage of the term 'precious virginity' which sounds as if losing virginity made her less of a woman. If it's not precious for men,it should be the same way for women. What excited me is Arpita's statement on the societal prejudice regarding female actresses, that every successful actress would have assorted to adjustments.

All in all the book is a good entertainer.

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