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Damini-the lightning

by Rakhi Dhawan
(New Delhi)

A tribute to the Delhi bus gang rape victim (May god rest her soul in peace...!)

The simple young girl
How ordinary she was
With dreams in heart
Wanted to become a doc

She traveled in bus
Moved around in open streets
She enjoyed her bit of freedom
Had her moments of fun
In her very own city
Under the warmth of the sun

Little did she know what her destiny had in mind
Attacked by animals
She became victim of most heinous crime

She might have cried
Fought and have resisted, with all her might
She was raped inside out
Thrown on the street ..without a shrug or shroud
But alas..! In a city full of humans
No one heard her shouts

It wasn’t merely the clothes
Her soul was ripped apart
She lost her dignity
Her shame, her self respect got depart

She couldn’t have imagined
A tragic end she would meet
She would have to suffer and die
Serving as a pleasurable toy
In the hands of man’s greed

A burdened heart we all have today
Soaked in grief and pain
In shock, in anger and shame
The humanity and goodness
All drowned in vain

Damini is dead, Damini is gone
But SHE is alive..SHE will live on..
The patriarchy society we live in
Have to be made headstrong
That SHE deserves respect
And rights to belong

Don’t teach me how to live
Don’t preach me the ways to drape
Teach your sons how to treat me
Teach the men, not to rape

I am a woman
I have the right to live
I give birth to mankind
I have a heart to forget and forgive

But on such a shameful incident
And tragic death of our sis
There is no forgiveness for brutality
No mercy for pleas

The harshest of punishment
The imposition of strict laws
A death full of pain and disgust
For those animals we demand

Burning in fire of vengeance
In unanimous voice, we demand quick justice

We the women of India, stand together in this hour
With awakened consciousness, kindled up with lightening
For the brave heart who died…WE PROTEST, WE RESIST…!!!!

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Dec 21, 2023
by: Your Name:

So beautifully written!

Jan 09, 2013
Apt !
by: nuggehallipankaja

Moving poem!

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