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Dangerous Liaison Part 3 - continued

by Khurshid Khoree
(Bangalore, Karnataka, India)

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I was in an agony of uncertainties. Should I return the diary to Norma? She was right; I couldn’t prove it was hers either way. Even if I took it to Mr. Mody and told him the whole story, would he believe me? After all it was only my word against hers.

I looked at the clock. If I was going to meet Norma I ought to leave right away. But I just couldn’t give the diary back without Amit getting a chance to look at it. If Norma wanted it so badly, she will have to wait.

I kept dialing Amit’s number every few seconds. Hoping against hope that he had decided not to meet up with his friends and had only popped out for a few minutes.

But, as the hands of the clock moved slowly forward I knew he wasn’t going to answer. Perhaps, I thought, clutching at a straw, he was on his way here to meet me. We hadn’t planned to meet up, but he might just have decided to pay me a surprise visit….

The doorbell rang and I ran to open it, so sure that my prayers had been answered. Amit had come. I did not even think of checking first through the peephole before flinging the door open.
“Amit!” I cried out happily.
Standing outside the door was not Amit, it was Norma – with a man I recognized as Vishal Bajaj.
“Norma.” I gasped breathlessly, taken unawares. Before I could shut the door she pushed past me, fuming with rage and Vishal Bajaj eyes afire with anger blocked the doorway.

“Get out!” I shouted. “Get out, or I’ll call the police.”
Norma snarled, “Not till I have my diary! You stupid idiot, you didn’t really think I would give you fifty lakhs for my own diary? Vishal and I have been waiting out on the street – we were going to take the diary as you came out your building and give you something to remember us by. But when you didn’t come down we decided to pay you a visit instead.” Norma’s eyes were blazing. “Where is it? Give it to me or you will regret it.”
“Dear me, the diary must be very important to you, but damaging to your reputation!” I sneered, sounding far calmer than I felt.

Norma sneered at me. “Of course it is important!” she said with a lot of venom, and in her anger and haste of proving how clever and smart she has been she made a mistake, she blurted out, “Everything in it is coded, but it wouldn’t be hard to break it if you know what you are looking for. Mr. Mody will be very surprised to learn that every word of an important telephone call he made today morning is written in that diary and that by tomorrow morning QAC Systems will be in a position to wreck a multi-million deal he has been working on for months.”

Just then she saw the diary lying on the table and tried to grab it. I dived at her and knocked her out of the way and snatched the diary away. But Vishal grabbed at my wrist. I struggled to get away, but he held on tight. His other had tried to cover my mouth to stop me from screaming.

His fingers jammed chokingly into my mouth which was open ready to scream, and I clamped my teeth with all the force I could muster on to his fingers. “Bitch!” he bellowed in pain and snatched his hand away, his grip slackened from my wrist. Taking advantage of the distraction, I tore myself away from him and running towards an open window I screamed
for help on top of my voice.

“Daisy!” I heard a shout from outside followed by heavy banging on the door, but I kept screaming. Soon the door broke open. Amit ran in followed by Mr. Mody and three policemen.
“Daisy, my darling, have they hurt you. Are you alright?” Amit’s arms went around me and held me close. Two policemen held on to Norman and Vishal, and the third stated in a loud and clear voice, you are under arrest. You are charged under section ………and section…. for an attempt to kill, and roughly handcuffed Norma and Vishal and led them out of the door.
“Oh Amit,” I sobbed clinging to him. “I was so scared.”
“It’s okay my love. You are safe now.” Amit said soothingly, stroking my hair.

I gave him the diary I was still clutching on to, “It was this diary Norma was after. I knew she was up to something and took my chance when she had left her bag unguarded today afternoon at the cafeteria. All the entries are coded and I could not understand any of it. I tried calling you but your mobile was switched off and you were not at home.

Amit took the diary and sat down glancing through the pages. His expression changed from amazement to shock. He silently handed over the diary to Mr. Mody.

I was still puzzled at seeing him in front of me, “I don’t understand, what brought you here? And Mr. Mody, why is he with you? How did you know that I was in trouble?”
Amit smiled grimly. “Daisy, honey, I owe you an apology. You see, after you voiced your suspicion about Norma the other night I got to thinking, thinking real hard, and I remembered one or two incidents that hadn’t seemed important at that time, but which seemed to back up your theory.” He explained.

“After giving it some thought, I plucked up enough courage and went to meet Mr. Mody and found that he had been having second thoughts too. Someone had overheard your conversation with Norma the other day and suspicion had raised its head by then amongst others and it had reached Mr. Mody’s notice by then.”

“The only thing I hadn’t bargained for was my own little Miss Marple taking it upon herself to clear my name and putting herself in danger. That was a foolish thing to do darling.” He said in mock anger.
“Since the time I had met up with Mr. Mody the police have been keeping an eye on Norma and keeping Mr. Mody informed of all her movements. And when she and Vishal met up tonight and kept a watch on your building, the news was conveyed to Mr. Mody and luckily I was there at that time. I realized at once that it was you they were targeting and were keeping an eye on your apartment. The rest you know.”

Amit held me close and we kissed. We forgot about Mr. Mody for a while. He cleared his throat, bringing us back to earth. And from his expression when we looked at him embarrassed he didn’t seem to mind too much what he had witnessed. He had a big smile on his face, and holding his arms wide open he invited us in for a threesome hug.

Amit got his job back with a promotion; I got to occupy Norma’s cabin and Rhea as my assistant.

But that was not the only best thing that happened. I am marrying Amit six months from today, and that’s the ladder to the corporate world I am willing to step on. My promotion with perks will be final.

The End

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Oct 12, 2013
by: vimala ramu

A story from you is always enjoyable, Khurshid.

Oct 09, 2013
Thank you
by: Khurshid

Hi Priyaa,
Appreciate your comment on my story. Glad you enjoyed reading it.

Oct 09, 2013
Thank you
by: Khurshid

Thanks Eva for your encouraging comment. This motivates me to keep on writing.

Oct 09, 2013
Good work
by: Priyaa Trippayar Sahasranaman

Great style of writing and storyline. Suspense builds up so well

Oct 08, 2013
Dangerous Liaison Part 3
by: Eva Bell

That was a good detective story.
As Amit said, Miss Marple indeed!
Khurshid, you're on your way to becoming a good crime writer.

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