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Death a Pendency of Life

by Gayathri Devi Dutt
(Bengaluru, India)

Death is a pendency of life authorised to punctuate life
Yet everyone on earth defies death, defying is the rule of life
Is it a daily combat between providence and the human synopsis
Or a gamble with the throw of dice?

Some invoke Death in the lifeline traversing the linear array
but amiss out of turn catch up
Why this hurry to catch up? What motivation to run the race and duck in?
Self initiated or instigated, granted swindling from life line

Death is masqueraded while accessing the life on earth though despised
What are those operation modus operandi?
Before the foetus embarks on earth it is unearthed and labelled deadborn
One who adorns the womb,with one forlorn look

Some are allowed to run a marathon, hit a century and catch up,
While, some on the midway are caught unaware!
The expired are hijacked and perished, on the contrary
The insensate lying on a couch wait to be summoned.

An unbiased conquest of the human force
What is your database that is impossible to be googled???


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