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by Pooja Jadhav
(Mumbai, India)

Listening to the silent whispers of nature
Rhythm of heart began to seep;
Dying in the heat of sorrow
Pointless thoughts began to beep.

The presence of its ruthless entangles
And glimpses of its soulless morse;
Not knowing the time was over
Not knowing it was time to cross.

Bluffing with the enrobed short term bliss
Playing with the uncultivated mould;
Grumbling stood the king of death
Smiling with a laughter cold.

'Its time to go' he screamed through the wicked grey cloud
Not leaving a single emotion on hold;
The soul was jailed in his hold.

The sly helpless body was burned to ashes
Crushing the love of the teary souls;
Who knew the time would come so soon
Who knew destiny would slaughter hopeful goals.

Its all in a second
And everything around goes blurred;
We never know when the time would come
We never know when the knock would be bold.

Yesterday was all fine dancing in the tunes of life
Crazy dreams were flowing by;
A day, an hour, a minute, a second changed it all
Like a high tide was racing the sky.

Momentary is the word thats crowned
Checking on the time taking its best view;
Hammering came the message through
Detachment is the key and the lock is you...


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