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Demon in Me

by Shrushti Andhare
(Mumbai, India)

It was a dream. I was in a dark room, still I found it familiar. I could not move. Out of nowhere I found two people coming towards me. When they were 20 yards away they stopped abruptly. I had courage enough to ask them “Who are you?” One in dark silken hood answered, “We are your inner voices.” Then the other person wearing a white silken hood continued “We are your choices- right and wrong.” I asked another question to the dark person though it made no sense to me. “If I know you are the wrong choice why do I still have you?” The dark person laughed aloud and answered, “Because you can’t leave me.”

Whatever we experience in life never leaves us, how much ever we try to run away from it. Our whole body is a castle and the heart is the king. The brain is the counselor. Whatever we experience in life is the man-at-arms. Since the time we are born to the present state we are learning. To become a successful king you should know what is right and what is wrong. That work is done by our inner voices. So why is it so that even after knowing it is wrong we still end up doing something that is wrong? What we learn from our experiences is saved in our brain as memory. Depending on that the brain advises the heart. But ultimately it is the heart the one who decides what is to be done. That is the time when we use our inner voices. The brain will never tell you to do something wrong, it is only an advisor.

Our inner voices are part of us, wrong especially. The wrong part of us is like a little brother who is done all the bad things in the world, but you still cannot leave him. You would still treasure it for the rest of your life. That’s the reason why you cannot get rid of wrong thoughts or wrong advices. The only way to stop it is to control it. To trust oneself enough to get rid of bad turns in life. Experiences are very important, you cannot avoid though. But to be a better person you should listen to wrong as well as right. Differentiating between them will make you a successful person, and not avoiding them. All my life I have heard that life is a race. But speed only makes the surroundings blurred. One wrong turn and you are lost. But there is always a way out. Even with walls on four sides. Making mistakes is being human. But making mistakes and then correcting them is being a successful human. We cannot stop making mistakes. It is natural. But saying that you did not have a choice is wrong as well. You always have a choice, it depends on us whether we have our eyes open enough to see it.

Now I understood what the dark person meant. I cannot leave it also, dark is not always wrong.


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