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Devotional Songs to Babaji

by B.R. Nagpal
(Delhi, India)

Hymn for Babaji

(Devotional Song)

Lord, You are my only Refuge,

anchor, harbour

Protector, Preserver, Saviour

Everlasting Light, Eternal Sunshine

Supreme Essence, Supreme Consciousness

Heavenly Spirit, Holiest of the Holy

Your Love is Infinite


to a true devotee

who earnestly prays, obeys

surrenders with unconditional faith

Your Divine Radiation,

piercing gaze, everlasting vigil

subtle, merciful rays

Divine Wisdom

sparkles my being

enshrines me in exuberance, exaltation

Lord, You are my Supreme Witness

holding my hand

piloting my boat

taking me to the other shore

Revered Guru

You are leading me

on Your designated spiritual path

where my soul’s utterance resonates

‘You are mine

I am Yours’



You have lifted me

from filth

made me discern

Splendid Blissful Reality

Anandam, Anandam, Anandam


Lord, my life is rapturous

when the healer in You heals

liberator in You liberates

when Your Divine fragrance

is all-pervasive

Your divine nectar intoxicates

I become fully awakened

in a state of bliss

Always Grateful to Babaji for

His flow of benevolent

Grace, Kripa.

Om Shakti, Om Shakti, Om Shakti Om


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