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Difference Between Love And Infatuation

by Kiruthika Jayaseelan

I personally feel that this generation falls more into infatuation thinking it as love, because I am seeing lots of cases which falls into this category nowadays. Most of the people after their breakup, says only one thing, “Thank God I came out of that toxic love”. But, in my perspective love can never be toxic. It can never destroy you. Maybe due to some circumstances, many lovers may not get united. But ask them how was their first love life. They will have a smile on their lips when they think of that love even though it was not successful. Though they didn’t get united, they would have good memories with them.

Once one of my cousins asked me “Sis, what is the difference between love and infatuation?”. I asked him in return why he wants to know about this topic suddenly. Then he said that he likes some girl and he doesn’t know himself whether it is love or infatuation. I was shocked when he said that. Then only I got to know that most of the people nowadays don’t have any clear cut idea about this topic. Even in my class, I have seen people who were like “We are the love gods”. Then, within a year they will be like “We broke up”. The next funniest thing will be, within a week of their break up they would have found their other love. Why people have changed like this? The school students of 6th and 7th standard are saying that they are in love. Do you think they are in love? First of all, do they know the meaning of love?

According to my perspective, this love itself is out of dictionary nowadays. Because people are not saying that he/she is my lover. They are more into he/she is my girlfriend/boyfriend. Today’s so called love is like to meet someone today, propose them tomorrow, have some fun for a month, next month first day break up. In 90 percent cases this is what happening. Some may agree or disagree with this. But look around yourself, or you may also would have experienced this.

As I said above, my cousin asked me the question what is the difference between love and infatuation. I gave him this reply, “If you like that girl just because she is perfect, then it is infatuation, but if you know all her flaws and still like her for being real, then it is love. If you like the girl’s smile, then it is infatuation, if you never want to see her tears, then it is love. If you are being obsessed with her, then it is infatuation, if you feel protected towards her, then it is love”. In a girl’s case I will say “If you feel some kind of electric shock kind of thing that are being shown on TV when you hold a guy’s hand, then it is infatuation, if you feel safe when he holds your hand, then it is love. If being close to a guy makes you happy, then it is infatuation, if a guy’s absence affects you, then it is love. If you change for a guy because he asks you to do that, then it is infatuation, if you feel yourself being real when you are being with a guy, then it is love”. I don’t know whether this justifies the difference between love and infatuation. In my perspective, this is what I feel. In simple words “Love is not being with whom always makes you happy. It is about without whom you cannot be happy”. If you understand this statement, then the difference between love and infatuation can be understood easily.

I am not saying love is a crime. All I am trying to say is make sure you are in love. I have no personal experience in both love and infatuation. But all I wrote is what most of my friends experienced. I have always tried telling them that they are in infatuation, but they never listened. I also support all my friends who are in love. So this post is for all the youngsters, please check yourself whether you are in love or infatuation.


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