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Divine Ant - Contd...

by Venkata Krishnan
(Mumbai, India)

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The Angel was right.

Midway through the walk Divine collapsed.

The Angel lifted Divine carefully and placed him in a silver plate and joined the long queue to see God.


"Next please", the God's attendant called out.

The Angel came forward and placed the silver plate at the Lord's feet.

God bent down and saw Divine and said, "What happened?"

"His soul lost the spark, my God," the Angel said, "I told him that it wouldn't last long enough and that I would carry him... But he simply refused."

"Oh.. Now what?" God asked his attendant.

"His wish is unfulfilled, my Lord..." the attendant said looking at the records of Divine, "He wanted to be the first ant to meet you in your abode... Face to face..."

The attendant then read out in summary all the efforts Divine took to reach there.

"Pity", God said "I shall put some spark back in his soul and revive him so that he could see me..."

"But my Lord!" the Angel interrupted, "His last wish?"

"Last wish?" God asked the angel "What exactly is it?"

"He said that he wanted to walk all the way by himself and meet you."

"Yeah... He can meet me... Once I revive his soul he could see me," said God.

"But pardon me my Lord!" God's attendant said, "The Angel is right... If you revive the spark in his soul it would still mean his last wish will remain unfulfilled... Because he wanted to walk and meet you all by himself.. Without anyone's help."

"Now what to do?" God asked.

"I guess we should give him a second chance" the God's attendant said, "Let's revive his soul and send him back as an ant... Let him do the penance again... And come here... And hope he walks the final distance to you... this time with enough spark..."

"So be it", God said.


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Aug 18, 2015
unexpected end
by: DepakSachdev

The God in this story, Divine Ant, seem pretty weak, someone who is dependent and influenced by his attendants. At the end the god does not come out with some thought provoking original statement or deed.
The story otherwise is interesting.

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