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Do Birds Cry?

by Kavya Sharma
(New Delhi, India)

I am broken bricks
tied together to the feet
of an injured bird,
I don’t fly no more
I wail like
the falling rain
in the dust of the darkness-
they tell me
I crack every time
it dangles down
my flesh-
leftover emotions
you rubbed on me
with your naked warm hands
calling me darling
in slow whispers and hushed breaths,
I felt a tingle and it burned-
I flap and flap
till breathless I fall
like concrete buildings
with weak structures,
it’s no natural disaster
its wreck wrapped in
silky ruin I dream of
behind your closed eyes;
intuition smells of deceit-
I feel your pain
pouring down my rooftop,
but do birds cry
when seasons change into
unwritten poems?

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