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Dreams- Undreamt

by Gayathri Devi Dutt
(Bengaluru, Karnataka, India)

Rolled dual dice in succession a try

And that went into the clouds beyond the sky

Merged into the clouds and vanished into the rain.

I scribbled the digits dice displayed on the sand dunes

So I Could remember, but the thunder shower tunes

Deafened the ears and blind folded my vision

The roaring showers quietly glided down to earth

In concentric circles, though not latitudes in girth

Well, global citizenship and citizenship assured?

The vertex of the hemisphere ensured enlightenment

The dual dice got dampened and deciphered confinement

Wow the the dice impersonated into a giant volcanic lava!

The double dice displayed digits of equal value for sure

The search algorithm drove to destinations that endure

Yet the discord and combat synchronized into infinity?

Numerals and place value crystalized a refracted angle

Got reflected and manifested into an unfathomable quadrangle

Deep down the earth's crust a hard core rock bottom?

Parallel lines never meet, perpendicular sit on one another

Any type of triangle is a taxonomy of evaluation earth mother


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