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Dust of Love

by Isabel Cecilia Pascual
(Manilla, Philippines)

Our eyes and paths have met once more

The fire was ignited deep within

But not enough to rekindle what was lost

Even in my dreams it was not meant to be

Forgive me if I let the wind carry away

The dust of our love

I carefully hold dear for years

Its fiery embers dwindled

For every teardrops I shed

From sunrise till…

The sun set every afternoon

The nightingale have ceased to sing

The dew drops have turned to icy grain

On the pinkish petal now grayish hue

Time to let go, this agony of thorns

My heart's too old and frail to hope.

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May 18, 2012
To all...Geeta,Vimala, Jaja, Jitendra and Sneha
by: isabel

Tongue tied and don't know how what to say...Thank you all for your warm and heartfelt appreciation of this humble poem.To Geeta,Vimala, Jaja, Jitendra and Sneha...Thank you once again.

P.S.My age Sneha? Oh, I am quite old and grey hair q where adding interesting color and style:)

May 10, 2012
by: Geetashree Chatterjee

Love buried under the sands of time - an eternal theme that finds newer meaning and shade in your verse!

May 10, 2012
Wow indeed!
by: vimala ramu

I agree with Sneha entirely, Isabel. You have the knack of choosing the words to maintain the fludity of your composition.

May 09, 2012
What a way to forge through stormy blasts!
by: Tanuja

Lovely! Lovely! Lovely indeed! In your poems I find the explanations to the questions of my existence.No wonder I strive hard to memorize them to be able to encourage someone somewhere.I Enjoy! Leap! Shout! Dance and Sing with joy! - reciting them.You are a true poet Iszy! Sometimes you carry me through that robust youth, which was here, a while ago. But this one is a quiet reminder of a stormy heart that we grow in the storm.

May 08, 2012
by: Jitendra Mathur

This is an excellent poem which is very very touching for anybody preserving tender feelings in his / her heart. I compliment you for this beautiful poem and just add that the heart never grows old, only the body does.

Jitendra Mathur

May 08, 2012
by: Sneha

Its rare that I read verse that makes me go 'wow' these days, Isabel. Your poems are an exception! How old are you really - forgive me for asking your age but you put forth the ideals of old age so well! Beautifully poignant verse...Reminds me of T.S. Eliot almost.

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