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Eagle in Me

by John Cherian

It flies so high, yet see so close…
That prey for me, that prays, ‘not me’.
Why you ply just above me; cried that prey
But sounds that came high, did not tell
More of them are around wanting solace
Tell me; why should I pick that prey
It’s better to starve and save that soul
Crucial turns then made my feather dry
Thickened it so that it made hard to fly
Also wisdom aged me up in the clouds
Thy my long beak curled not to eat
Talons then told me, they can’t pick
So sad, so far lived so high and light
Just one prey now defeat all of that
Heavens told me; it’s not prey that does
Realize my dear, you are getting aged
What can I do to change and be me?
A new life to find my prey for living full!
Change your feather that thickened so
Then change your dear beak and talons
It’s so painful, but no choice for you
If you want to fly again and stay more
Just above the clouds once more till
Heavens find you so up in the sky…!


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