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Egoist Never Succeed in Life

by Vaman Acharya
(Bengaluru, Karnataka, India)

It was 6 a.m. The climate was fine for morning walkers. There were a good number of walkers including men, women and kids in the park. The time spent in the nature’s abode was very pleasant. Fresh air in the wee hours of the morning refreshes mind and body. Those who walk regularly in the morning feel energetic throughout the day. The sun gives lots of energy to the walkers.

Silence was broken by the birds. A melodious devotional song was coming from the ringtone of a mobile. Vasu took the mobile from his pocket and attended to the call. He was a regular visitor to the park since a long time. Phone calls were common for him. He was accustomed with the habit of walk and talk simultaneously.

“Good morning Vasu, I'm Prabhakar waiting outside the park gate. Your close friend Vijay is also with me. Finish your walk fast and come here. If you have not completed your daily rounds, please cut short.”

“Okay! I will come within three minutes.”
Vasu had already completed five rounds and still one round was remained.

He reached the exit gate after five minutes.
“Halo, Vasu how are you?" asked Vijay.
“I am fine,” said Vasu

Vijay was in sport dress with bat in his hand. His dress was wet and breathing very fast. Anybody can guess that he had returned from Tennis court after play. His nature was teasing others and always exhibits his supremacy. He never bothers what other person feels.

“See I am playing tennis daily for more than one hour,” said Vijay.

“I too walk daily for about an hour,” replied Vasu

“I don’t think you get what you want even after spending one hour for walk. Walk is good only when you follow certain rules. These are not hard and fast rules. If you follow, it would help you. Robust person like me prefer to play tennis. Entire body will be in action while playing tennis. Whereas, simply walking will not give you desired results.”

“I don’t agree with your senseless argument and pity for your poor knowledge on walking. It is nothing but your ego that prompts you to criticize others,” replied Vasu.

“If you go outside the city, where full of big trees and greenery exists, then I say your walking would give you boost and good health. How do you get these health benefits of walk, when these parks are existed in the city with full of pollution due to heavy traffic? Walking long distance outside is good than walking in a limited area. Counting rounds in the park in terms of kilometers is nothing but an individual satisfaction.”

“In a city like Bangalore, it is convenient to walk in a nearby park, where you get plants, trees and lawn. There is an open space provided for physical exercise. You know these parks are covered with trees and compound wall to free from pollution. A watchman is always available to maintain cleanliness of the park.”

Prabhakar was enjoying without participating in their conversation. Because he knew such arguments will not end soon. In the past, on a number of occasions Vasu and Vijaya had entered in to heated arguments. Prabhakar derives enjoyment in the company of friends. All these friends were working in the same bank. Whenever they get time assemble in a particular place.

Vijay continued his argument.
“Prabhu, your friend Vasu is really ignorant. I don’t know when he is going to learn simple things. I am trying to explain to him the difference between playing tennis and walking in a polluted park in the city.”

“Vijay, don’t think yourself as an intelligent person. Please don’t under estimate others thinking you as the only brilliant in the whole world,” said Prabhakar.

Vijay did not anticipate such a comment from Prabhakar.

“Prabhu, you are misunderstanding me. Between the close friends such discussions are common and essential. My only intention was free & frank discussion on the topic. Let me explain my stand on the topic first. Then Vasu explain his own view on the topic. You decide who is ignorant?” Said Vijay.

“Okay. My sincere advice to Vijay is please do not make direct attack,” said Prabhakar.

“Playing tennis burns 600 calories. It is as effective as jogging and cycling. Regular tennis play will challenge your mind, improves cardiovascular, and helps muscle development, vigor, optimism, and self esteem, reduce anger and depression.” Vijay said.

Vasu was silently listening to the explanation given by Vijay.

“Vasu, do you want to explain about your stand on morning walk?” asked Prabhakar.

“Yes! I fully agree with Vijay only with the health benefits part of tennis. I would like to clarify the doubts expressed by my beloved friend on walk in the park. Then you decide who is ignorant? Vijay must be unaware that the walking is a best form of exercise. Regular walking at least 30 minutes will strengthen mind & soul. Muscular health gains strength. It prevents major diseases and reduces the risk of stroke and cholesterol. Strengthens the joints/bones. It also controls weight, contributes brain fitness and gives good energy to get sound sleep. Apart from this, it relieves stress and worry and improves immune system. I admit that there is a difference of walk in the park and outside city in the midst of nature. In a big city, people have no choice except walk in a nearby park. My suggestion to Vijay is let him not think whatever he says is correct by ignoring the others view,” said Vasu.

At this point of time, Prabhakar was expected to play a crucial role.

“My dear friends, I've heard excellent views on playing Tennis and morning walk in park. Both of you have got good knowledge on the topic. Vijay should desist from teasing and underestimating others. He should respect others opinion,” suggested Prabhakar.

Vijay was left with no option except to express his apology to Vasu. But in the heart of heart, he was against apology. The situation made him to apologies for his behavior.


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