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by Gayathri Devi Dutt
(Bengaluru, Karnataka, India)

In the silicon valley lived (a professor) an enlightened soul
Creating a hub of music all around; an archaic space like a museum!
That housed records and record players
innumerable, from times immemorial.

A rhythmic volcanic wave so loud that
no other noise or sound reached the ears!
The ears needed rest as the hearing aid heated
And the head started reeling!

The galaxy of the books was the only solace.
Being a voracious reader all through life ,was hunting and
stocking books ,multiple copies of masterpieces too.
The ones borrowed from libraries were hardly returned but granted ownership!!

Poverty and malnutrition did not deter the tenacity
For learning and fostering similar path to younger siblings
And this DNA created a genetic template for the
Succeeding generations in the family fold.

The household management triggered Blood pressure leading to medication.
The cosy family lit the spirit to heavenly heights, despite,
A mysterious diabetic gene entered the bloodstream building calcium blocks

Visits to doctors lengthened the list of medicines but never sensed
The imminent danger, the damaged heart which remained concealed.
With no interventions the disease manifested inside with no alarm of outburst
Robbery indeed, worth a severe penalty..

The rhythm of blood flow fluctuated and caused
Ischemia , stormed into Emergency care and then to ICU.

The Angiogram pictured the calcium blockages
In all severity dictating bypass surgery?

Water has memories and walls have ears,I am also robbed
Should I challenge or shrink? Will surgery cure? The MICS!
The Kith and kin had counselled and that gave credibility!.

Plunged into the Cardiothoracic lab happily, not to hurt anyone.
Soon moved to OT for MICS by an Expert surgeon,

The cognitive arena was active even under the spell of Anesthesia
Will the surgery bestow upon me what has been robbed?? Can I withstand it ?

The adamant heart shut of the pumping ,summoning the balloon, an off line pump
Revascularization was successful but Incessant bleeding invited Factor7,
Oh! The glitch was won, intact rhythm facilitated movement from OT to ICU for what?

A pleasant encounter resumed hope to family; Yet,
Foreseeing uncertainty , made a resolution;
“Emancipate from pain” a breach ? Breath merged into Air??.

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