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Embryo of Faith - contd...

by Annapurna Sharma
(Nellore, India)

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Intervening into the altercation, Subramaniam tried to ease the mother-son duo. Arav snatched the car keys from his dad and strode haughtily towards the parking lot. His parents followed silently.

He was angry with his mom. He was never the religious-type; faith, belief or religion often eluded him. He believed in pragmatism and hard-work.

The cool breeze danced with his strands of hair that fell on the forehead. Arav was deep in thought as he pressed the hammer hard. The needle on the speedometer increased steadily, as he bit his lower lip. His mother’s suggestion of accepting another religion and her blind faith inflamed him.
His mother, sitting behind asked him to slow down. He didn’t, but instead stepped on the accelerator. They had to turn left towards Oak Park.

His father turned towards him and asked him to slow down. Arav swerved the car left, a sharp turn. The car went straight and hit the sidewalk. It dashed into a lamp post and screeched to a rough halt as the brakes were jammed suddenly.

He jerked forward on the wheel. Padma fell forward from her seat. Subramaniam’s head hit hard on the dashboard and he fell unconscious.

Badly shaken, Arav and Padma leapt out and rushed to Subramanian’s side of the car. Arav pulled him out with
the help of a passer-by. Arav and Padma had a few scratches while his dad had a deep wound on his left temple.

They rushed him to the nearest medical facility. Padma cried profusely. Arav tried consoling his mom, but in vain. He couldn’t stop his own tears.

“Oh God! What have I done?” he cursed himself.

The doctors said that they have to wait till Subramaniam regained consciousness.
His mother’s words rang a bell and a silent prayer went up. Arav paced up and down unable to contain his grief while Padma sat in the waiting lounge.

By mid-afternoon they were informed that Subramaniam was out of danger. Padma went in anxiously to meet her husband, but Arav stayed back.

Subramaniam summoned Arav who hung his head in shame.

“I am extremely sorry, Dad! I really goofed up! It was my anger that caused the accident. I should have been more open-minded. Now I truly believe in the ‘work of Providence’. I am sorry Mom, to have hurt your feelings ---”

Padma and Subramaniam felt happy with Arav’s transformation – an embryo of faith emerged with this tragic incident. Their visit to the temple did make a difference.

Arav had yet to test ‘faith’ in his future endeavors.

After a week, he checked his mail – a letter of approval from Harvard that made his day.


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