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Emergency support on Sunday

by Sanchita Sarkar
(Pune, India)

It was a Sunday which is a day for enjoyment for most of the working people. But for Sushmita it was the worst day of her life. She was a software professional working in the topmost software company in the country. She had been the star kid of the family right from her college days when she got into computer engineering in a prestigious college. She was campus recruited in the final year of engineering. After that there was no looking back. As soon as she completed college she started working. None of her female cousins had achieved so much in corporate. Just three days ago she was so happy. She was engaged to Riteish, who was software professional as well, and going to be married in three weeks. All the preparations were on their way. Her happiness knew no bounds when she received a promotion letter. She immediately informed Riteish. She received a cold “That’s good” from him instead of congrats.

The next day, Riteish’s mother called up Sushmita’s mother and informed that they were worried about the wedding as Sushmita’s salary package was more than that of Riteish’s. They immediately met to discuss this as the cards had already been dispatched. Sushmita received a call from her mother on Friday evening.

Mother: Hello, sushmita.
Sushmita: Hello mom. You seem tired. Don’t exhaust yourself over wedding preparations.
Mother: There is something I need to tell you.
Sushmita: Yes mom. What is it?
Mother: After listening to this you may be upset. But let me tell you, no matter what you decide, me and your father are always with you.
Sushmita: Now you are giving me tension. What is it?
Mother: Riteish’s mother had called. They are not very supportive of this marriage since your salary package has exceeded that of Riteish. They would only continue if you give up corporate job and move to teaching. Now it’s up to you. If you agree to their terms we would continue with the wedding. If not we would cancel everything. Remember we are always with you.

Sushmita was left speechless. She replied within sobs.
Sushmita: I will call you after few minutes.

She cried her heart out. She loved her job. It had given her recognition and independence. Being a middle class girl, she had often wished to give expensive gifts to her parents; this job had helped her do so. She felt very lonely as her roommates had gone for a weekend outing. It took her three hours to come to a decision. She informed her mother that she would not marry a guy who does not support her dreams. She would not give up her job.

The wedding was called-off. By Saturday evening all her relatives had been informed. This was a golden opportunity for many who envied her achievements. One of the aunts even remarked “What is the use of doing so well in studies and work when you don’t even get a good husband?”

These comments made her Sunday even worst. On the other side her parents kept calling every hour inquiring about her wellbeing. Her mother was constantly worried she might do something to herself. She was just thinking about switching off her cellphone when there was a call from an unknown number.

Unknown: Hello.
Sushmita: Hello
Unknown: Is this Sushmita?
Sushmita: Yes
Unknown: High Sushmita. This is Pramod.
Pramod was her project manager. He coordinated with her team lead about the status of work. Therefore his call surprised her.
Sushmita: Hi Pramod.
Pramod: Sushmita, I know it’s a Sunday and you might be relaxing. But there is a breakdown in the project. It is in the module in which you had worked. We are facing a big escalation from client. I am not able to reach your team lead. Can you please come to office and

This seemed to be a nice break from her present situation.
Sushmita: Alright. I will come.
Pramod: Thankyou so much. I will immediately raise a transport request for you. The cab will be there in two hours.

Accordingly within two hours she was on her way to office. She had informed her mother. In their project cellphones with camera were not allowed inside the office. Since sushmita’s was a camera phone, she had to submit it to the security at door. Her mother already had her office number to call up. She started her computer and saw a huge chain of mails on the breakdown. She got so involved in work that she didn’t realize when 3 hours passed. She found the solution and began testing. Then she called Pramod.

Sushmita: Hello Pramod.
Pramod: Yes Sushmita.
Sushmita: The issue is resolved. I have tested it.
Pramod: That is great. There is a guy from testing, Nikhil. He is in office to test the solution. He will ping you. Thank you so much for coming over at such a short notice and helping us out. I seriously appreciate your dedication.
Sushmita: Its ok. Pramod.

The appreciation from Pramod cheered her up. This was the first time someone had made her feel so important in the last two days. She was glad she decided to keep the job. Pramod sent a mail and Nikhil immediately contacted her. She gave the details and Nikhil started testing. In a software project, once a code is written and tested by the developer, it is given to a tester for testing it. Unless the tester approves, the code is not deployed. Now she just had to wait for Nikhil’s approval. She got coffee from the wending machine. She was just drinking coffee when Nikhil called up again. Testers call up to inform if something is failing. Therefore developers are generally scared of testers.

Sushmita: Hello Nikhil.
Nikhil: Hi Sushmita
Sushmita: What happened? Is anything failing?
Nikhil: Nooooo. Your code is running smoothly. I was just getting bored so called you.
Sushmita replied with a sigh. Ohhhhhhhhhh
Nikhil: Did I scare you?
Sushmita: Yes.
Nikhil: He he. Don’t worry. So what were you doing today morning?
Sushmita: Nothing much. Why?
Nikhil: You came to office at such a short notice. Girls generally spend their Sundays doing shopping and cleaning.

Sushmita laughed heartily which was happening for the first time in last two days. They talked over a whole lot of things while the tests ran. She discovered his engagement too had broken last month because he was working in night shifts. She didn’t realize but she even mentioned about her broken engagement. Their office had a 24X7 canteen. They had lunch together in the office canteen. After sometime Nikhil sent a mail saying the testing was successful with zero defects. Sushmita deployed the solution.

By 5:00 pm they were free. Nikhil suggested they go to the nearby BookCafe. There they discovered they had common interest in books. By the time she reached home, the broken engagement had almost vanished from her mind. Her mother was relieved to find her cheerful again. The next day there was a huge chain of mails from the senior management of project, thanking and appreciating both of them.

Sushmita and Nikhil’s friendship continued to grow. Both of them were from different cities. They went to movies and explored the city. They would go for lunch and tea breaks together in office as well. After three weeks, the team members of the project in both development and testing departments received a wedding invitation.

“You are cordially invited to the wedding of Sushmita from development and Nikhil from Testing.”

There was a thanks at the bottom of the mail saying.

“We are really grateful to the emergency support on Sunday to bring us together.”


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May 09, 2014
Positive decicion
by: Manohar Naidu

All is well which ends well.Call beyond duty is soul of successful career - its my personal experience. Well written.

Apr 10, 2014
Too good
by: Shefali

The part I liked the most Sushmita deciding to not to quit the job.
May All Suhmitas do the same.

Apr 05, 2014
by: Kiran Jhamb

May the stories of all the Sushmitas have such a happy ending. Alas!

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