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Emotional Intelligence

by Srishti Sharan
(Patna, Bihar, India)

Emotional intelligence in literal meaning being intelligent about our emotions. Every day we come across different kinds of situations in our life, whether it be a workplace or home or market. We experience different kinds of emotions. These emotions might make us feel good or bad.

Need to Understand Emotions
It is very important to pay attention to our emotions, and think about the consequences which will occur as a result of being under effect of our emotions. It is also a common verse that we can’t control the events but we can control our actions. Now, be a little careful here, how can we control our actions? The answer is simple by controlling our thoughts which is direct result of our emotions. How we are feeling at moment influence our thought process which ultimately leads to action. If we are able to heal our emotions we can heal ourselves.

Components of Emotional intelligence
1. Self-awareness- We should be aware of our emotions means we should be in a predictive position that which kind of emotions will run following a particular event, it is important since our emotions can affect people around us.
We should be able to recognize our triggers especially for negative emotions and our limitations in handling those.

2. Self-regulation- Self-regulation is a very important characteristic while talking about emotional intelligence. A person who understands his emotions well only can control his emotions when required. It also means we should be able to ease our anger, envy, sadness, and cope with difficult scenarios.

We should understand this that we are made to rule the emotions not emotions are made to rule over us. If we are not under strong influence of our emotions our decision taking ability is improved and we can better control any situation in life.

3. Motivation- If we really want to change our self then there must be a good motivation behind it. Controlling our emotions is not a game and it is not easy as we think until and unless we don’t have great thrust for personal development. A person who is highly motivated automatically cultivates good habits within himself/herself. Such person continuously works in direction of improving themselves and in this journey they are not only able to achieve their goal but also become a balanced person

4.Social relationship- Social relationship means relationship with our colleagues, friends, neighbors, relatives, acquaintances. Having good social relationship is of utmost importance. When we have good social skills we can not only help others but also find solution for our own problems which otherwise could be very difficult to solve.

Certain social skills like active listening, maintain eye-contact while conversations, open body language, able to express ourselves articulately can help in our day to day life.

How to Improve Our Emotional Intelligence

We can work on our emotional intelligence by trying many to day activities and just by being little extra cautious. Some of them are as:
1.Being able to understand other people’s point of view and try to look at any issue with broader mindset.
2.Not being too quick to judge others.
3.Accept criticism without losing one’s temper.
4.Try to be calm in any situation and look for a feasible solution.
5.Express ourselves freely.
6.Always ready to receive feedback from others
7.Try to live in present rather than thinking about past or future.
8.If any mistake is done overcome from it and try to draw learning’s from it.
9.Be motivated and help others to be motivated too.
10.Prioritize important things rather than wasting time and energy in unnecessary stuffs.

Benefits of Higher Emotional Intelligence
There are many benefits of having higher emotional intelligence, it does not only help ourselves but also other around us. Such people are highly regarded in society and their opinion is taken into consideration. Such people are very clear in their life-goals as they exactly know what they have to do and what not. In this way they are able to reduce their mental stress and are able to live a peaceful and happy life.

If we consider the workplace of such people, then here also they are winning. As they are able to take quick and better decisions, they have a collaborative mindset which helps in yielding better results. If such people are in leadership position, then their team members also perform well and they act as not only senior but also a mentor to their subordinates.

In order to be successful in personal and professional level not only our knowledge and experience matters but also emotional intelligence plays a great role. There is not any hard and fast rule to improve emotional intelligence, one should try to remain positive and just have a thought process before committing any action.


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