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Encourage Pious Work, Otherwise Perish

by Vaman Acharya
(Bengaluru, India)

I was one among the 200 devotees participated in the Homa. It was an auspicious day. At 6 a m, a team of priests were performing Homa a sacred fire ceremony in the Hari Hara Spiritual Centre of Purushottam. Sanskrit Mantras were chanted melodiously. Before the commencement of Homa, one of the priests delivered a brief lecture on Homa. He told the audience that the combination of the powerful energy of the fire and the Mantras creates extremely auspicious and purifying vibrations. The smoke that rises from Homa contains powerful healing energy and purifies the atmosphere.

Purushottam, after retirement from the bank service, decided dedicate his rest of his life in the religious activities. His two sons after obtaining degree left home and joined ashram to lead spiritual life. This was a tremendous effect on Purushottam and his wife Gomati to change their social life style to spiritual. Gomati agreed to work with her husband in all the day today activities. They decided to spare their entire house situated in the Surya Colony, Shantipur for spiritual activities. The daily activities include bhajan, chanting of mantras and discourses. On special occasions, they arrange mass feeding.

When the Homa was going on on that day, suddenly, at about 8 o'clock, Rudramuni, a neighbor was shouting on the road. He was addressing Purushottam. These two house owners never had a cordial relationship with each other. On hearing this, Purushottam came out, leaving the Homa abruptly.

"Purushottam, you know I am conducting tuition classes at this time. Due to your disturbance, I am unable to conduct the classes. You stop your activity immediately. Otherwise, I will lodge a complaint with the Police."
"Rudramuni, do whatever you want. The Homa already commenced two hours back. At this juncture, I cannot stop it. Please allow me to continue. Let us talk about this matter after this function."
"I don't want to wait. Settle the matter now itself."

Purushottam moved forward towards him to shake hand. Rudramuni didn't accept the courtesy and prepared to start physical fight. One of the devotees sensing the danger averted the situation. Rudramuni was told to go back his house. Seeing the large crowd, he went inside his house.The function was over peacefully.
Rudramuni was running Adarsh Tutorial Centre almost at the same time, when Purushottam commenced spiritual centre.

On another day, there was a function in Hari Hara Spiritual Centre. I was going towards there passing through Rudramuni's house. He stopped me and told me about his business. I was surprised to know that Rudramuni was conducting the tutorial classes right from 1st standard to post graduation on all the subjects.

He said, "Vasudev, I think you know
my problem with Purushottam. No admissions are taking place since a long time. The strength of the students is going down day by day. I am afraid, after a few days the number of students would be zero. This is the only source of income for me. I have to manage my family consisting of four members. My wife is not well. I have to send my eldest son to Engineering college and youngest son to Commerce college. My daughter is studying in high school."
"What can I do for you?" I asked.
"Just I want your support to fight with Purushottam," he said.

I was thinking myself that I being a Hindu and staunch believer of God, never support a man like Rudramuni, whose beliefs are dangerous. He showed me the file papers pertaining court case.

I had no interest to see his file.
"Rudramuni, I will see your file on some other day. Please allow me to proceed."
He did not force me. I went to the spiritual centre to attend the function. I was also thinking seriously about the relationship of Purushottam and Rudramuni as a neighbors.

Visitors to the spiritual centre was increasing day by day and the admissions of the students to tutorial centre was decreasing. All these developments led to enimosity between Rudramuni and Purushottam. It took ugly turn to the extent of fighting each other several times on the road.

I was not in a position to help Purushottam, although my inner voice was directing me to help him. Instead of finding out solutions to the problems, Rudramuni was seriously thinking to book Purushottam by adopting foul means. Rudramuni had alredy lodged a complaint with the police and filed a case in the court of law. Police authorities were fully aware of the situation. They did not take any action against Purushottam. After more than 8 years, the court verdict came in favour of Purushottam. This was terrible shock for Rudramuni. He became upset after the court judgement. He sold his house to a businessman and shifted to another locality. The buyer took the possession of the house. The devotees were very much happy to know the judgement of the court.

The defeat was unbearable shock for Rudramuni. I understand from one of his friends that he lost peaceful atmosphere in the home. His wife was not recovered from the illness and the sons were unable to continue studies. His economic condition became miserable. It was a great lesson for Rudramuni to understand the importance of God. After one year, Purushottam also sold his house and moved to another locality.

I remember this episode whenever I pass by their houses.


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May 30, 2017
Purushottam Left the Locality
by: Vaman Acharya

One of the readers asked me in a different platform that why Purushottam left the place?
I gave reply like this.
Here the author has given scope for the reader to think over the issue. Purushottam had a psychic feeling to move to such a place, where peaceful atmosphere prevail.

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