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Enough is Enough

by Annanya De

You showed me a palace of dreams
And glittered my dull heart.
You were the silver lining,
That is what you lured me to think.
Little did I know then,
I would become a living ghost today.
Struggling through nightmares,
Even in broad daylight.
Your ruthless actions trying to crush me always.
You tried to keep me surrounded in barricades,
Chaining my wings of freedom.
I have been living amidst glass pieces
Of your broken promises.
My soul is bleeding,
Bloodstains everywhere,
Covering my shattered dreams.
Do you hear the voices in my head?
Screaming louder everyday,
Arising from my fractured fragments!
Every drop of my blood,
Revolting against your treacherous deeds,
Trying to push their way through,
From beneath my skin.
Enough is enough!
No more shall I swallow your poison.


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