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Every man is Icarus (Sonnet)

by Priyaa Trippayar Sahasranaman
(Bangalore, India)

(Based on the story of Icarus and Dedalus)

(Based on the story of Icarus and Dedalus)

In the realm of emulation, the sun is his only gaze;
His myopic eyes ever surmise the fare to bliss.
The purlieus mirth is hazy, the sky he longs to embrace;
Wings he wishes to annex, and dive into deep abyss.

So he summons his sire, to build for him lofty wings;
“Mustn’t thou fly too far, for the reality is the ground;
“Shimmering beauty alike mirage,” the sire sings,
“Farther thou go, thou becometh less sound.”

The winged tellurian heeds the beacon;
Yet the higher he soars, the sun looks brighter;
As temptations mount, his oath does weaken;
As he delves into the firmament, his wings grow lighter.

Soon the sun only scorches, the old luster it lacks;
He falls to the ground as his dissolved wings were of wax.


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Oct 01, 2013
Very well written
by: Parvathy Ramkuman

I like the presentation of the poem and the intriguing part which makes us think about how ambition can lead to failure.

Sep 30, 2013
by: nuggehallipankajaAnonymous

Very well written poem,and well-chosen legend!

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