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Expressions and Another Poem

by Yunus Mohamed
(Durban, South Africa)


Our faces leave no expression
Of love of hate
Of joy or sorrow
Of chances missed
And opportunities lost

Of smiles
And cheer
OF pain or angst
There is but just one expression
We leave to the world
In that great goodnight

Of silence’
Of peace
As they lay you
In the’
Eternal ground



I do not wish
To offend heaven
Where there is everything
The heart desires
The eyes yearn


Is there a blue sky in heaven
A night full of
Shimmering stars
A challenging road
A close friend
A beautiful sunset

Why should I be happy forever
Many a tear consoled
My weary soul
Many a tear consoled
My weary heart

Thank you heaven
Wish you were on earth
Everything real


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