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Extremities of Life

by Preetha
(Kochi, India)

Tears spill out emptying the heart,
Sigh soothening the soul in solitude,
Prayer lightening the burden,
There seems to be no end.

To this continual fit of frustration,
Never subsiding emotions engulfing the mind,
Storming torrently at the barriers of tolerance,
Silence crowding the endurance longing to openly burst out.

Mouth shakely lipped tight,
Words restrained in the throat,
Grudge heavily laiden towards fate,
But passively smeared with concern,
Self pity gushing in, though washed out

With self-esteem and pride,
Knowledge so flaccid of the capacities,
Embedded in the mind
Imposing different ideas
Struggle beating at all sides
Acceptance reluctant

Yet these waves of depression,
Remain undiscovered by the vast word,
Time is running short,
Pain seeths through all over the body,
Death is fast approaching
Isn't there an escape from this monster?

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Oct 20, 2011
by: Preetha

Thanks Isabel for commenting. Highly appreciated. This was also written long ago during my pre-university days.

Oct 11, 2011
death is...
by: isabel

So honest and filled with sincerity...

Death sounds so dreadful...but with all the woes and pain...
After attaining the summit, success and everything...
After completing life's labyrinth...
We must see it as the other door...the ending yet the beginning of where it all starts again.

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