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Failure: The Wedge of Success

by Alfisha Siddiqui
(Etawa, India)

Failure is not the lack of success,
Rather, it pushes you to do better and go get the goals.

Failure is not a misdeed,
Rather, it is a lofty way concerning the success.

Failure is not a catastrophe,
Rather, it helps you to experience the lousiness and dismiss unacceptable and faulty.

Failure is not fruitless,
Rather, it teaches what it really feels like when you achieve the goal.

Failure is not forbidden,
Rather it propel you to uphill the battle and keep going ahead in life.

Following the failure,
Don't lose enthusiasm,
Take it to facile and straightforward
and never cease until you stretch out to the aim.

Following the failure,
Take bravery to blossom yourself
And begin to be the one, you actually are


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