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Fairy Tale

by Geetika Sodhi Lohan
(Ghaziabad, India)

Maya, like every other girl, had grown up listening to the happily ever after tales of Snow White and Cinderella. Dreams had shadowed her mind by the time teenage blossomed. Rich, tall, dark, handsome prince with at least a car and a salary good enough to give her a honeymoon was all she wanted.

By 18 years of age, Maya had already found a hero- rich family, a car and a business (even better than the salary), good looking and loving- and her life had already started reflecting the signs of a fairy tale.

Twenties were the years of prosperity. Maya got a good job and as 25 crossed she had married her prince charming. He was rich enough to take her to a world tour for honeymoon. Dreams had come true.

As four years of marriage completed, Maya had a child. She loved him and had left her job just when she was due for a promotion. Her prince charming was now a father a business man, a son, a socialite and a husband. Maya had responsibilities and her mundane started keeping her busy.

As her son grew seven he was a student, a friend, a growing child and had too much to handle. This left Maya with a lot of free time to think about the fairy tale. She often wondered if there were pages her mother had forgotten to narrate.

Gradually, came a time when the thoughts became recurring and started boggling Maya's entire belief system. Her Prince Charming won't show up for days. Her Prince Charming’s off spring would return home and sleep. She would always have some good money in her bank account, though would never feel like using it and nothing could help her recover from the questions her heart and soul would put up now and then.

As the child reached the teenage, Maya had already started sleeping with the help of pills. Depression and loneliness had cloaked her life.

She now wanted to break free. Run away and get back her life. It wasn’t too late and she decided to join the job again. Office would offer solace to Maya and also helped her with an option to get away with the woes of her life. That option was the CEO of the company. Salaried rich,even though married, still a charmer.

And so Maya’s fairy tale forked and she lived happily after just with a few dark circles under her eyes, guilt of being caught and also of being in to Adultery and false explanations about why whatever she is doing was correct.


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Oct 26, 2019
Thank you
by: Your Name:

I shall try my best🤗

Oct 26, 2019
I need a Fairy's tale not a fairytale..
by: Deba

Geetika di we need more such stories..

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