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Fazaan's Copy Book

by Maya Bhat
(Ujire, Karnataka, India)

Fazaan came home sad from the school that day. Hashira was busy in evening snack preparation and got tensed seeing the sad face of her son which was not a usual scene.On asking she came to know that the reason was nothing but he didn't get any prize in quiz competition for the third time. She instead of consoling him just pretended to ignore the news and diverted his mind towards the special noodles fry which she had prepared for him. His little brother Faheem was smiling at him so innocently for which he felt like even a one year old child is making fun of him for his failure. After having snacks he was asked to concentrate on his science project.

Fazaan was searching for a rabbit sticker in his sticker gallery for his science project. He already had a lot of stickers which he used to collect and keep from chocolate and biscuit packets. Suddenly he happened to see a copy writing book of his Kindergarten class on the table. He just had a look on it.

He saw the first five pages with a hard try to write the letter 'A'. On the sixth page it was almost written in a readable manner. He felt to laugh over that and murmured to himself "Today I write a dozen of words without any kind of uneasiness". At that moment, he felt a hand on his shoulder.It was none other than his mom.

"Even life is like your copy book, my boy. When you try harder and smarter with great enthusiasm you will get the right result.Don't let yourself feel smaller when you fail because failures make us grow with strength".

Next time the boy Fazaan was the winner of Quiz competition and he came home jumping with big quiz book which was heavy for him to carry. It was the gift he got..


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Jan 09, 2015
Good one
by: Gayatri Devulapalli

Good story. Very relevent to present times.

Dec 22, 2014
Nice piece of thought
by: Manasa A

Such a wonderful message given in a very simple way. very nice:)

Dec 20, 2014
Soo Nice
by: Shimna

Nice maya... very meaningful message

Dec 15, 2014
Short & Sweet
by: Manohar Naidu

Lesson for life time for every individual nicely depicted. Congts Maya Liked it

Dec 13, 2014
Nice thought full story
by: VB

Nice thoughtful story mam. Do write more

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