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Fight Against Injustice

by Vaman Acharya
(Bengaluru, Karntaka, India)

Soon after the commencement of the General Knowledge test, Vasudha, an eighth standard student, raised objection in the examination hall. She was shouting at the top of her voice on the manner in which the GK test was conducted. Her protest was quite genuine. All the students were observing her with great surprise. Her unhappiness was about the discipline in the examination hall - non-availability of a supervisor, disorderly seating arrangement, no roll numbers and all freedom of copying.

With all this mess around, the Head Master was quietly relaxing in his room and playing cards with the colleague teachers. It was the sole responsibility of the Head Master to supervise and smooth conduct of the examination.

Was he aware of the mess in the examination hall? Why there was a mess in the examination hall? It was not clear, whether the matter was reported to higher authorities or not? Vasudha wondered.

For the sake of few students such bad practice was adopted only to get higher marks for sons and daughters of the Head Master, teachers and other prominent persons.

Vasudha was unhappy for not recognizing her talents. She was the most intelligent in studies as well as in GK. By encouraging such irregular practice, certainly she would be dragged to the last position. She would not tolerate this humiliation.

She directly went to the Head Master's room to lodge a written complaint.

“Sir, is it the way of conducting GK test?”

“What is the matter Vasudha? Why are you upset?” asked the Head Master without any expression.

“Sir, please reply to my question?” Vasudha insisted.

The Head Master smiled. “Do you want more marks? Okay, I will see that you get good marks.”

“Sorry sir, I am not begging for marks. I want to obtain higher marks on the basis of my knowledge. I am lodging written complaint against the conduct of examination.” She handed a written complaint.

The Head Master was unable to convince her.
He just had a look at her complaint.
“Vasudha, you can go now. I will take action to set right the things.”

Her complaint was highlighted on three points. Firstly, the GK test was unacceptable.

Secondly, promoting undeserved students at the cost of deserved students, was nothing but injustice.

Finally, your dereliction of duty amounts to indiscipline and attract punishment.

Vasudha was not satisfied with the reply given by HM and seriously thinking as to how to overcome this problem. Instead of going home, she went to her dad’s office. Vasudha’s dad was a lawyer. Luckily, he was available in the office.

“Dad, are you free, or can you spare few minutes for me?” asked Vasudha.

“Yes Vasudha. Do you need money?”

“No dad, I have a problem and you have to help me out.”

“Let me know your problem?” He gazed at his daughter.

“We had a GK test today. Nothing was in order. In the absence of supervisor the students were indulged in copying. I went to HM and lodged a written complaint.” Her anger was reflected in her words.

He smiled at his daughter with pride.

“You did a right thing to oppose injustice. Vasudha let us move right now to see your HM.”

Both went to the school to meet HM. He was in the school playing cards with his colleagues.

The HM was unaware of the lawyer’s arrival. He became nervous and unable to defend himself.

“Sorry sir. Please do not take it seriously. We are playing cards without stake, just to pass our time. Nothing serious.” He was trying to defend himself.

“Do you know playing cards in the school is a serious offence? Your second offence is the way you decided to conduct of GK test today.”

“Please do not take any legal action. I will do whatever you say,” begged the HM.

“You should stop playing cards in the school hereafter. Conduct another GK test maintaining discipline.” The lawyer raised his voice.

“Yes Sir. I will cancel the today’s GK test and conduct another one.”

"Okay fine” said Vasudha’s dad, and left the school.

The Head Master was not happy with the new developments and decided to take revenge on Vasudha. Keeping himself awake the whole night, he prepared tough GK questions to test her and insult her in the presence of other students.

Following day, Vasudha came to school well within time. The HM asked her to wait in examination hall along with other students. As soon as he arrived in the exam hall, called for Vasudha, with a vengeance.

“Vasudha, can you guess the daily cash collection at the famous Tirupati Balaji Temple?”

“Sir, I read in the magazine the approximate cash collection including hundi exceeds Rs.10 lacs per day.”

“Name the two countries, where about 40% of the world population lives.”

“China and India." replied Vasudha with a smile.

“How is the shape of Italy?”

“Italy is in the shape of boat.”

“When was the electric train introduced in India?”

“The first electric train was introduced between V.T. Bombay and Kurla in the year 1925.”

“How many aero planes land in and take off every hour from Chicago?”

“Sir, as per the report appeared in the news paper, about 85 aero planes land in and take off per hour,” answered Vasudha nonchalantly.

The Head Master realized his mistake and praised Vasudha for her wonderful knowledge. And also told her that the regular GK examination would be conducted within a week.

As expected in the GK test, Vasudha scored the highest marks in the class.

The Educational Officer on his visit to the school called Vasudha and praised her excellent general knowledge. The Head Master was warned by the officer not to commit such mistakes in future.

The End

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