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Filter Kaapi - contd

by Sudha Chandrasekaran
(Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, India)

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Filter Kaapi- South India's Signature Drink - contd

It would not be out of place if I tell you that filter coffee powder and coffee filter hold a special place on my kitchen counter. A small secret here... Adding about 10 grains of sugar to the coffee powder before pouring hot water into the filter produces decoction which is thicker and richer. Yes, I am coffee addict and love to drink several varieties of coffee. But as is typical of most south Indians I would cast my vote for good filter coffee rather than Cappuccino or any other coffee. It is indeed an absolutely sublime experience which is enjoyed by several South Indians habitually 365 days a year!

The aromatic degree kaapi sold along the highways in Tamil Nadu is one thing which I do not miss during my long road travels and within a span of 5 hours I take about 3 cups of that heavenly kaapi!

A frequent traveller along the highways of Tamil Nadu, a warm inviting whiff hits us very frequently. Yes, it is from the KDFC outlets (Kumbakonam Degree Filter Coffee) that have their presence in mostly all parts of Tamil Nadu and more so in the highways. These outlets are a boon to the motorists who stop every now and then for a break during their long road drives. This refreshing drink served in brass tumblers are also customised as per the request of the customers. Having a hearty breakfast in Adyar Anand Bhavan, yet another favourite restaurant seen on the highways, the travellers sign off the gastronomic delight with cup of freshly brewed filter coffees, the wafting aroma of which attracts you from a distance! There is really something special about this filter kaapi- its dark colour, foaming layer on the surface, rich consistency, strong distinctive aroma, and the quintessential vibe. A small sip definitely did warm my heart in the most unexpected way and my association with the dark brew is rich in subsistence in a world dented with relentless apprehensive moments. . Now I truly understand my love for filter coffee, which has made me an ardent aficionado of a soul-gratifying drink. I must say that is far beyond an experience which is just sensory. It is deep-seated and much more. It is a special bond which over period of time has increased my irresistible devotion to that wonderful beverage, the filter Kaapi................

Time and again, the placid and relaxing moments of life are experienced over the leisurely process of brewing a strong, aromatic and rich cup of coffee, which often is a ceremony, laden with nostalgia for the bygone days. I fully support Charles Talleyrand’s declaration, that coffee is “Black as the devil, hot as hell, pure as any angel, sweet as love”.


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