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First Day At Job

by Mukul Arora
(New Delhi, India)

It was the first day of my job. There was a lot of excitement and eagerness in my demeanour. After sitting idle at home for almost a year after completing engineering, I was persuaded by my parents to join a job.

When I entered the office building for the first time, I was quite fascinated. It was the joining day. I was also feeling nauseating. I was carrying all the certificates and documents required for joining. Many other freshers along with me had come for joining. We were waiting for the HR at the reception. Some of the people had done BCA and MCA while the majority of the people were engineers.

The ambience was quite dull. I was getting bored and was sipping coffee repeatedly. Soon the HR came and signalled us to come along. The HR was a young married female. She was beautiful. She took us to a vacant room for the joining formalities. There was n number of forms to be filled including the bank account form. It was very exhausting.

A lunch break followed the joining formalities. There was a free lunch for the freshers. I ignored the lunch and went down for a smoke. There was an induction after the lunch break. It was boring, and I was already tired. I was only paying attention to the sweet voice of the HR and not to what she was saying. When the induction got over, I sighed with relief.

After the joining formalities were over, we were sent to the main hall where we had to sit. I was allotted under a project manager. I was introduced to my senior. My senior looked very stern. He showed me my desk. I was required to sit behind my senior. I was bombarded with do’s and don’ts by my senior on the first day itself. He told me that there is a fixed time to come but no set time to go back. He also said to me that I would be required to come on Saturdays. That itself was enough to spoil my mood. Although it was only the first day, it was disappointing to me. Some of the freshers were very excited about the job, and the reason was beyond my comprehension.

When the day got over, I came down, lit a cigarette and took an auto. I reached home at around 9 pm. I just quietly ate my dinner and went to sleep.

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