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First Time Experience On A Rainy Day

by Vaman Acharya
(Bengaluru, India)

Anuj was in conversation with his friends in the park. It was 6.30 in the evening. Suddenly, there was an indication of heavy rain. The climate was completely changed. Just five minutes back the sky was clear. Everybody took their umbrella and proceeded towards his or her homes. The rain started, when Anuj entered his house. His wife Tanuja was waiting for his arrival. She had already called him over mobile phone to return home immediately due to the expectation of heavy rains. Anuj sat on the sofa. Tanuja went to the kitchen for preparing tea. The heavy rains changed the entire atmosphere of the Pavanpur town.

The people of Pavanpur were facing many inconveniences. Anuj would have been suffered a lot if his wife failed to call him back to home. Their first wedding anniversary was on coming Thursday the 13th July. They were planning to arrange the grand function in a good hotel with the gathering of about 25 people. Just one week was left for the function. The strings of raindrops were falling carelessly. The rain did not spare trees, terraces, concrete roads.
There was a continuous knocking on the door. The person, who was knocking on the door wanted to come inside. Without opening the door, Anuj saw him from the small window. One young man was standing in front of the house taking shelter of balcony shed. He was unable to control his umbrella due to the wind. The umbrella was smashed. His dress was wholly wet and shivering. Anuj felt pity for him. He called Tanuja.
"Tanu, can you see this person outside our house, who is shivering and his umbrella is smashed due to heavy wind? Let him come inside until the rain stops."
Tanu saw the person from the window and recognised him.
"Anu, don't call him inside. He is a rogue. Let him die there."
Out of affection, Anuj calls her Tanu, and she calls him as Anu.
"Tanu do you know this person?" asked Anuj.
"Yes!" replied Tanuja.
"Tanu, he may be rogue. We must help him in his critical time. We must show magnanimity on humanitarian grounds."
"He is not deserved to show kindness."
"Let him come inside until the rain stops. Otherwise, he will die in the present situation."
"You do whatever you want. I will go inside and come only after that man's departure."
Anuj opened the door. By appearance, the stranger appears to be a gentleman.
"Sir, I am Krishna Kumar. My residence is on the next road. You called me inside. I will stay here until the rain stops. I have no words to express my
"Kumar, it is my duty to help you. Please come inside and take your seat."
Observing his critical condition, Anuj provided him with another dress. He again thanked Anuj for the gesture shown to him. By the time the stranger changed his clothing, Tanuja had come with a cup of tea for him. He recognised Tanuja and expressed apology with folded hands.

He said, "Tanuja, please excuse me for my rude behaviour. Because of me, you lost the job in the Tech Mahesh. You know, I was Managing Director in the company. The very first day of your reporting for duty as a Public Relationship Officer, I fell in love with you. I was finding an opportunity to reveal my wish. One day, I called you to my chamber and expressed my wish. You became angry and left without expressing anything. My constant efforts to please you resulted in vain. You became disgusted and submitted the resignation letter. I became nervous. It was adversely affected by my health. My attitude and behaviour got affected badly. I developed abusive in my behaviour and talks. My unethical, derogatory in the opinions of colleagues and team members affected very much on the business of the company. I was selfish in activities with least concern to everybody. I had developed short temperament on staff members. I always used to find fault of the co-workers. I was non-cooperative with the team members. Apart from this, I committed fraud by misappropriating company's funds to the tune of rupees one crore. I became an alcoholic. I was removed from the job and sent to jail for six months. It was a rigorous imprisonment. The company's money was recovered by attaching my immovable property and shares in the company. Now I am a reformed person."

After hearing the story of Krishna Kumar, Tanuja could not speak for a while. She realised that her ex-boss, who was the best professional became unprofessional. He was highly qualified with B.Tech from Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur and M.S. from one of the top universities of USA. Earlier to Tanuja's entry in the company Kumar was appreciated by the senior management of the company. He got a promotion just after completing two years of service. He received a lucrative salary and perks in recognition of his excellent performance.

Anuj was a silent spectator. He too felt sorry for the pitiable condition of Kumar. He became a good friend of Anuj and Tanuja. Kumar promptly returned the dress given to him.

Kumar was invited to participate in their first wedding anniversary. The first time experience of the couple on a rainy day was memorable.


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Jul 28, 2018
Show Kindness To All
by: Vaman Acharya

Anuj was right to call the stranger inside without realising the consequences. His intention was good to help the person, who was in critical condition. But his wife disliked the person based on the previous experience. Anuj disregarded the wish of his wife. He proved kindness is above than all other aspects. She realised later and shown sympathy towards him. The message of the short story is when help is needed to extend others, do not think of consequences and act immediately.

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