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Flight of the Dreams

by Zeel Patel
(Ahmedabad, India)

One beautiful evening when I was sleeping soundly, when my phone rang, disturbed my sleep I got angry, but finally I had to pick up the call. That call came with the message of happiness for me because that call was the first step towards my dream flight.

I was very happy, yet I was a little scared that how would my first day go, how would the people of that place be, whether they would be able to do the work they would give me or not, such thoughts were coming into my mind. The day also came when I had to join a job. That is good, it was the first day, so my brother had come to leave me, till then my mind was not disturbed when he left me, then strange thoughts started coming to my mind. I was so scared from inside that I had to be told, I was not knowing what to do. Then somehow calmed my mind, then I went to submit all my documents first. I was selected as a library trainee, so I went to the library section. I was afraid that how will the people be there, whether they will be able to do the work they give or not. Then when I met all of them, I liked it because they are open-hearted and have open thoughts. You can say anything to them without any hesitation or fear. I thought that it would not be too difficult in the library, then I came to know that shelving the book, keeping the books in place, giving the book to those who came to take the book, motivating the people to read the book, marketing the books, apart from that also a librarian I have to do many things, all this was difficult, but slowly I will learn everything. And there was also the excitement of getting to learn new work and new things. On the very first day itself, I got to learn one thing, without being afraid, keeping a smile on my face in life, should learn something new and face it. Days passed like this. Got to learn something new every day. They say that when you feel that you know everything, but it is not that life brings you at some such point. As soon as I got the work, that work was new for me, that's why I did not have the experience of that work. I was afraid I could not do it, then my
library staff helped me a lot, I got to learn work by staying with them. That's why it is said that life and our experiences teach us something or the other. One such time came that Ahmedabad's birthday was approaching, how to celebrate it, so I got its job. I gave the idea to organize a quiz competition. So everyone agreed. Then I was scared that how would I do it because I was confused, yet my library staff helped me in making this competition successful. First, I had to market that quiz competition so that everyone participates and helps us to make it successful. First of all, I made a poster for that, it is good that everyone liked the poster. Then I had to make questions about Ahmedabad, so it took a lot of effort. Where I made a mistake, the entire staff taught me how to do it. Finally, the 'Aapnu Amdavad Quiz Competition turned out to be successful. Then I got confidence that I can do anything. Where there is a mistake, instead of hiding it, accept that mistake and take care of it no further. I found something new, which is going to be useful in life going forward. They say that there is no teacher greater than experience.

Days are passing like this. I have also got used to my library staff because I like to talk with them, have fun, share my time with them, listen to their experiences. It has been a while for me to join a job, but I have learned one thing that as much as you stay within yourself, you will never be able to come out openly, bring yourself out freely. Be the way you are, don't change yourself for anyone. There is something to learn from everyone, so no one should be underestimated. Someone told me that you should have a smile on your face no matter what situation you are in. I want that such days go by, I learn something new every day, no matter what the situation, I can handle it with laughter.

"I want to live every moment of life like this If people say that life is like this,
I want to capture every moment of life in my mind,
I want to make life home of happiness,
I want to give life a reason to smile,
I want to drown in the ocean of life,
I want to make life a reason to live,
I want to embrace life."


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