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Flying Kites Fun or Disaster

by Vaman Acharya
(Bengaluru, Karntaka, India)

There was a huge crowd gathered in front of ‘Om Shanthi’ a house located on the 3rd lane of Pavanpur, a small town on the bank of river Triveni. It was a difficult job for the police to disburse the mob. The owner of the building Rajaram was questioned by the police on the incident.

What was the incident? Why were so many people gathered there?

On the eve of ‘Makar Sankranti’ (Uttarayana), children fly kites for fun and observe it as a Kite festival on a fixed date of January every year. Kite flying strengthens muscles and is also a good exercise for legs and eyes. People keep their eyes straight on the flying kite continuously. It enhances vision and strengthens eye muscles.

Nagamani, a widow and domestic help of Rajaram, was residing in a hut and there was no terrace to play kite for her son Madhu. He asked his mother to request her employer Rajaram to permit him play kite on the terrace of his building. She approached Rajaram to seek his permission. He not only granted him permission, but paid money required for buying the kite and thread also.

By the time Madhu went to the terrace with his kite, Rajaram’s son Kirti was already enjoying kite flying there. He was just moving his kite with the help of the thread. Both were of almost the same age and studying in the 6th standard class in Jeevan Jyothi Higher Seconadary School. Both had become close friends too. Though Kirti was the son of a wealthy father, he had never changed his attitude towards poor Madhu.. and his father used to notice it and was proud of his son. Kirti used to share food with Madhu. Being a nice gentleman, Rajaram was happily financing Madhu's studies observing his caliber, good nature and kindness. He firmly believed that one day Madhu would become a great man. Kirti was happy to see Madhu on the terrace and told him to join the kite flying.

“Are you ready for kite cutting match?” asked Kirti

“Okay. Do you know how to swoop down upon another? Your kite should entangle with my kite.” explained Madhu.

“Yes! I know the trickery and skillful tussle between the two kites.”

“Fine, Let's move our kites very close. When the actual tussle begins, your attention should be towards the movement of kite.”

It was kite festival in Pavanpur. The boys were playing kite in their terraces with full of fun and enthusiasm. Most of the terraces were so close that one can move easily from one terrace to another. After some time, tussle between Madhu’s kite and Kirti’s kite was over. Kirti’s kite was separated and was sent away. When the kite was cut and coming down, the boys were in joy that filled the air. They rushed towards the falling kite with dancing. This was nothing but a great game of chasing and snatching.

Kirti was anxious to catch his kite first. Out of curiosity, without realizing the danger ahead, just one step would take him to end of his life. Unknowingly, he moved forward till the terrace end and was about to loose the balance. Luckily, Madhu noticed it and acted very quickly. He called his mother, who was there to keep his kite moving. Within a fraction of a second, Madhu was trying Kirti to pull back to a safer place. But in the process Kirti would come down. Without loosing courage,Madhu held Kirti firmly with the left hand, and with the right hand held the sanitary pipe for support, stood in that tight position for about three minutes.

This frightening and adventurous scene was witnessed by the people gathered there. Nagamani was cautioning the boys with a loud voice not to move a step further. She was watching the scene without a blink and knew that both the boys were in trouble and she was helpless. She was shouting at the top of her voice for help. Soon, Police came to the terrace and lifted both the boys to the terrace.

Madhu with his great presence of mind exhibited a brave act by holding Kirti on the one hand and himself on the other. If Madhu had failed to exhibit his courage, both would have lost their precious life.

Knowing the situation, Rajaram rushed to the terrace along with the police and rushed the boys to the nearby hospital. The Doctor examined the boys and reported they were perfectly alright and needed complete rest for a couple of days. He sent them off by prescribing some tablets and ointment, with an instruction to take tablets twice after food and apply ointment three times.

Rajaram was happy to see his son was safe and thanked Madhu for the timely help to save his life. Sub Inspector of Police, who was present there, appreciated Madhu for his courageous act. He did not register the case, as there was no casualty and nobody came forward to lodge a complaint.

The news of the heroic act of Madhu was spread like a wild fire in the town. It was a talk of the town. Soon, people were coming to witness the scene. Everybody appreciated the adventure of Madhu in saving the life of Kirti. Out of sympathy, the public present there promised to help Madhu to improve his economic condition and continuation of his further studies.

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Feb 25, 2011
great lesson for life
by: Sujay

Thanks for nice story & great lesson for life. Be Courageous.

Feb 24, 2011
Enlightening experience
by: Tanuja Chatterjee

Hi! I liked your story of undaunted courage. I believe courage is compassion as well. A fine firmament on which the integrity of character is built..I believe! But their is also a learning for me. Playing or kite flying on the terrace is a strict NO-NO!Moreover, children need to be monitored even during their own play time. Nurturing children is a great challenging affair, but it is the most wanted thing too.

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